Monday, December 10, 2007

Abigail's Encounter

After Isabel began to exhume the mysterious past of Salvador from the town of Las Crustas, and Angela suffered a shock and fainted as a result of discovery of Pedro/Salvador revelation, in snippet 97 of El Cuerpo del Deseo, Second Chance telenovela, this is what follows next, in Snippet 98.

Abigail went to Valeria's room as Valeria was arranging (packing her dresses) and putting the dresses Isabel had given her to one side. Valeria asked Abigail if the doctor had come to visit Angela. Abigail told Valeria that the Doctor had arrived and was checking Angela as they spoke and wondered what Valeria would do with all the dresses Isabel had given her. Valeria told Abigail that she was planning on leaving the house soon and was planning to give Isabel back the dresses she had given her as they were far too classy for her and/or where she was going.

Abigail thought Valeria was stubborn insisting to leave the house. Valeria told Abigail kindly that she was not being stubborn and went to the laundry to iron the clothes. Salvador saw Valeria entering the laundry/maid's room and followed her in.

Isabel was sad that Fatima did not have any other information regarding Salvador but was grateful for the information Fatima had given her.. Fatima told Isabel that she has to go to work. Isabel asked Fatima for a favor...for Fatima to take her to Cantalicia's house. Fatima started declining as she had a lot of work to do, but Isabel, holding a large wad of money told Fatima that she would pay her (Fatima) for the trouble (in missing work ) she could cause by taking Isabel to see Cantalicia. Fatima shyly agreed to show Isabel where Cantalicia lives.

Salvador tried to talk and apologize to Valeria. Valeria thought that Salvador was trying to come near her because Isabel had left the house. Salvador asked Valeria to forgive him. Valeria told Salvador that she had already forgiven him, the one she found hard to forgive was her-self for letting herself to be manipulated by Salvador to show her feelings. Salvador told Valeria that his feelings were genuine and felt sad that Valeria was resentful to him. Valeria told Salvador that he should not be concerned about her feelings, but a very sensitive Salvador told Valeria that he cared what she felt for him.

Salvador tried to explain to Valeria but Valeria said that if she had to leave right away to avoid Salvador before Isabel did so, she would. Salvador was sad to see how Valeria was upset with him and was closing in on the verge of tears. He swore to Valeria that his love had been genuine; however his circumstances would not let him show her how much he loved her. Valeria was upset and told Salvador not to tell her anymore lies and told Salvador never to speak to her again. Valeria who was also about to cry walked out of the laundry/maid's room and bumped into Abigail who was also going to the laundry room. Abigail was upset and told Salvador who was wiping his tears that they both had to have a serious talk.

Father Giacomo found out from the policeman that he had helped Isabel to find out about the resurrected man from Fatima. Father Giacomo was so upset he called the policeman a fool (as the policeman had assumed Isabel was a reporter), and reprimanded him for talking to him with his police-hat on instead of taking off to show respect to him. When the policeman took his hat off to show Father Giacomo respect, Father Giacomo walked off. The policeman was puzzled at Father Giacomo¢s behavior.

Fatima was in the car showing Isabel the way to Cantalicia's house as Isabel drove.

The doctor examined Angela and told Antonio that Angela was healthy ad okay, but was just anxious. The doctor observed that the household was nervous as since the death of Pedro and it was obvious people could not get along with Isabel since she married Salvador. He asked Antonio if he could still move with Angela to another place, but Antonio told the doctor that Angela would never agree.

Abigail scolded Salvador for unsettling everybody and wondered if Salvador was trying to upset everybody. Yesterday he upset Angela and today he was bothering Valeria. Abigail accused Salvador of robbing their tranquility and assumed that probably Salvador and Ms. Gaetana had planned to steal the fortune. Salvador was very, deeply hurt and wondered if Abigail thought he was a common thief. Abigail told Salvador that he was not common and hinted to him that he was more than a common thief. Salvador challenged Abigail to tell him of what she really thought. Abigail told Salvador the truth, that they had all felt betrayed since the day he chose to marry Isabel. Salvador told Abigail that she felt that way because she never loved Isabel since the first day she arrived at the house...

Abigail had a flashback of Pedro introducing her to Isabel. Abigail got uneasy and marched out of the laundry/maid's room. Salvador followed Abigail out and challenged Abigail to deny it. Didn't she tell Pedro not to marry Isabel? Abigail denied ever tell Pedro not to marry Isabel. Salvador told Abigail that she might not have said it directly, but had insinuated it. Doesn't she remember what she told Pedro the same day Isabel had been introduced to her in the sitting room...?

Abigail had a flashback (when Isabel had excused herself from the dining table) of Pedro telling her that he was planning to marry her. Abigail had said that she was very pretty but was a bit young for her. Pedro had joked that maybe he was too old for Isabel. Abigail had told Pedro to be carried away by her appearance or to be dazzled by her as all that glitters is not gold...

Salvador (as if reading Abigail's mind) confirmed to Abigail the flashback and told Abigail that Mr. Donoso had not listened to her as he had been dazzled by Isabel, and continued looking at Abigail. Abigail asked Salvador not to look at her the way he did as when he did so; she did not see Salvador looking back at her but instead someone else... (Pedro) and walked away.

Isabel reached near Cantalicia's house but had to walk with Fatima as the road was impassable by car. Cantalicia was happy to see Fatima but was shocked to see Isabel.. Cantalicia had a flashback of Isabel marrying Salvador and was shocked. Mancho came out and was surprised too. Isabel asked Cantalicia for sometime to talk to her.


dorcas said...

i cant with for salvador:s cover to be blown

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how people can forget what the whole story is about and be engrosed in what happens per moment.I feel so sorry for Don Pedro who was MURDERED and couldn't even rest in peace. Salvador should just endure and DEAL with all of them as is justly needed.

p.s. I so hate Rebecca right now!

Anonymous said...

Do you even speak English? Seriously, wall of text crits me for 99999k.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's crazy man. They should really try to do something to fix that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's crazy man. They should really try to do something to fix that.

Anonymous said...

Do you even speak English? Seriously, wall of text crits me for 99999k.