Monday, December 03, 2007

A Journey of No Return...

Remember that we stopped at Snippet 87 of Second Chance (El Cuerpo del Deseo) telenovela... This is the continuing episode of that story...

Isabel could not withstand the verbal blows of Salvador, she became confused, afraid, unsecured and jittery, she demanded to be taken home and regretted coming to the restaurant with him. She refused to calm down, despite all efforts by Salvador to calm her nerves.

Vicky came to the garden to ask Antonio to go upstairs to sleep for the night. He told her that he needed to study the Donoso Citrus factory papers because he would be representing his wife, Angela, on the board soon. Vicky shared her strange experience of that morning with him, how Salvador knew her baptismal name, "Virginiana of Santa Cruz".

Antonio was dumbfounded too to realize that only Salvador knew that baptismal name, apart from the late Don Pedro. While they were wondering at that strange insight of Salvador, Isabel and Salvador arrived in their car, driving madly as if he lost control of the car. Isabel got down and ran upstairs in fright, without saying hello to anyone.

Salvador took the back door and stumbled on Valeria who was lost in playing her piano. When she looked back, and saw Salvador staring lovingly at her, she ran away as he was expressing pleasantries with her.

Isabel attempted to stir up the unanswered questioned she raised at the restaurant, that is, what kind of life did Salvador lived before he arrived in Las Crustas? He replied mysteriously, that he was born a new man the day he stepped into the city ans was a nobody before then. Isabel was not pacified nor satisfied, she accused him of hiding his mysterious past from her.

Isabel tearfully told him about her inner fears of him (Salvador). She told him that she feel tremors of vengeance in his hands anytime he touches her, as if he hated her but covered that hatred in a flood of passion. She wanted him to confess to her that he still loved her, but he parried the question and wont confirm. He only assured her that he had demonstrated that love by marrying her despite all obstacles.

Isabel was ready to stir up trouble tonight, she won't let go. She accused him of loving Valeria more than her. He too became angry with her, accusing her of trying to revive the past which he was trying to bury. She fired back by accusing him of stirring up trouble by taking her to the same restaurant as Pedro Donoso, and even behaving exactly as Pedro had done in the past.

After much argument, Salvador told her that he would fulfill her desire to separate and go away from the Donoso family, Valeria and others, only if she knows him fully. By that time, he promised her that both of them would go on a loong trip, perhaps a journey of no return!.

After Isabel slept, Salvador went to the study and began to play a very sad note from the piano, Walter and Rebeca sprung into action to execute their trap by blocking the pathway of escape, hoping to trap or catch the so-called ghost that comes at nocturnal times to play the piano.

Isabel too could not sleep because of the intensity of the piano's sad notes. She woke up and discovered that Salvador was not in the room. She was determined to find out where Salvador went to, in the middle of the night. On getting out, she saw Rebeca waiting by the door of the study. Rebeca told her that her husband has been lying to her. Isabel confessed that she could no longer trust him because, even now, he was not on the bed nor in the room. Rebeca smiled triumphantly, saying that her husband Salvador, would be unmasked tonight.

Isabel told her not to talk rubbish. Rebeca assured her that it was she, Isabel, who has been behaving foolishly, because Walter and her (Rebeca) have long suspected Salvador to be the mysterious ghost that troubled the house, and were planning to unmask him tonight. Salvador concluded the piano play and shut down.

As he slipped out of the door, he heard the sound of a key turning in the lock, so he hid inside darkness, only to see Walter carrying torch light to search for him, he tip-toed behind Walter and knocked off the light from his hand and hit him on the head... Walter began to scream with fear... Continue from Snippet 89 at the Site map of the full story ...

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