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The Last Husband...

Continuing from telenovela Snippet 82 of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) full story... where we stopped...

The wedding party was still continuing. Walter was shouting at the serving maid that due to her slowness, she would make his hair go white. The maid wondered where Walter got that hair from, since he was bald. Walter retreated and almost bumped into a crying Rebeca on the hallway. Rebeca wept that she should not have returned to the house, since due to the party she had not been able to go to her room.

Walter offered to accompany her to her room. Rebeca refused as she did not want to be seen by everyone. She told Walter that she could not even go to the maids' room since the dog was there and had barked and almost bitten her. Rebeca wept she had failed to stop Salvador. Walter guided her upstairs though the servant staircase.

Isabel saw Walter guiding Rebeca and asked Walter what was wrong with Rebeca. Walter told Isabel that Rebeca had decided to stay in her room just like how the entire household had decided to do the same. Walter informed Isabel that Valeria had even decided to exchange her room with that of Simon which made Valeria sleep next to the servants (referring to Abigail). Isabel went to investigate for herself.

Angela, Simon, Valeria and Antonio were playing with cards in Valeria's new room, while Abigail watched. Isabel stormed in and demanded for an explanation from Valeria on who gave her permission to change rooms. Valeria told Isabel that she had done it with Angela's permission. Isabel reminded Valeria that she was Isabel's responsibility. Antonio and the whole family stood up for Valeria and reminded Isabel that Angela had said it was ok to change rooms and that Valeria was no longer a child.

Isabel was not happy Valeria would be close to Abigail and Simon reminded Isabel that Valeria would not feel right seeing Salvador everyday with Isabel. Walter interrupted the conversation by calling Isabel back to the party as the guests were waiting for her. Valeria thanked everyone for standing up to her.

The directors' wives were amazed that Matilda did witchcraft or "white magic", as Matilda claimed. They were however pleased when Matilda gave them her card. Gaetana wondered if Matilda knew the word 'discrete' as Matilda had been nothing but discreet. Gaetana and Camillo decided to walk a bit as they were tired of standing in the same corner for so many hours.

Salvador and Isabel were having their photos taken until both caught a glimpse of Gaetana. Isabel was shocked and left her husband's side to talk to Gaetana. Gaetana was so scared she run in another direction and left Camillo all alone. Before Isabel reached Gaetana she ran into a waiter who spilled the drinks onto her dress. Isabel went upstairs to change her dress. Salvador saw Gaetana hiding in a corner and smiled.

Up in her bedroom Isabel told Vicky that she had seen Gaetana and Vicky confirmed Isabel's suspicions and told Isabel that she had seen her too as she was one of the guests. Isabel wanted to know who had invited Gaetana and went downstairs to investigate. Vicky tried on Isabel's Veil and held the wedding dress against her thinking that it was a shame the dress did not fit her.

Gaetana told Salvador about what had happened when she had taken Cantalicia and Mancho out of the church and told Salvador that it had been Rebeca who had got Cantalicia. Salvador was happy that Gaetana had been there to save the day. Isabel got downstairs into the arms of Salvador and confronted Gaetana reminding Gaetana that she had kicked her out of the Donoso house some months ago. Gaetana looked at Isabel and Salvador.

Salvador defended Gaetana and told Isabel that he had invited Gaetana and Matilda and that Gaetana was his best friend. Isabel was livid with rage, and demanded an explanation from Salvador about his friendship with Gaetana right at that moment. Salvador told Isabel that, that was not the right moment. Clenching her teeth Isabel demanded more forcefully for Salvador to explain his friendship with Gaetana. Salvador agreed and they both went upstairs. Gaetana looked sorry for Salvador.

Gaetana met Camillo outside and told Camillo that she had told Salvador everything including about Rebeca. Camillo told Gaetana that it was time for them to leave as there were no more corners in the house left for them to hide. Gaetana told Camillo that they did not have to hide anymore, as she had just confronted Isabel and Isabel knew she was at the house, but there was someone else she had to confront (referring to Walter). Walter came up from behind Camillo and was shocked to see Gaetana! Walter assumed his eyes were deceiving him and asked Gaetana what she was doing in the wedding party.

Isabel was telling Salvador that Gaetana was a con-artist who exploited Pedro and was surprised that Gaetana was Salvador's friend. Salvador corrected Isabel. Gaetana was not a friend, she was much more than a friend, and she was a loyal collaborator and his true Confidant.

Isabel was so upset that her facial features looked like stone.

Isabel asked Salvador how he had met Gaetana. Salvador stated the obvious, he had met Gaetana through Pedro Jose Donoso. Isabel could not believe that Salvador was friends with the person she trusted least. Salvador told Isabel that Gaetana was the only person who had extended help to him when he had returned back to town. Isabel asked Salvador why he had not told her earlier and Salvador told Isabel that that was what he was doing now, telling Isabel the truth as he had promised he would tell her everything after the wedding.

Salvador further admitted that he had lived with Gaetana and she had always helped him. Isabel claimed that, that explained Salvador's knowledge about the Donoso house and everyone who lived there, the factory and Pedro. She thought Gaetana told Salvador about everybody. Salvador assured Isabel that he and Gaetana were not some con artists who came together to rob the Donoso fortune and asked Isabel, really who does she thinks she married? (Ans: Pedro Jose Donoso)

Isabel thought that Salvador was obsessed of living like Pedro and therefore had used any means possible. However she reminded Salvador she still loved him as she couldn't have done all that she did if she did not love him. Salvador told Isabel that she should love him without caring of what he did to get close to her. Besides after everything they had gone though, who cares about a spiritualist? Salvador kissed Isabel.. And demanded Isabel to love him and to show she loved him. They both kissed.

In the evening, Isabel and Salvador were still in bed. Isabel wanted to take out the picture of Pedro. Salvador told Isabel not to worry as he was not jealous of Pedro as he could not be jealous of someone who was his friend. He told Isabel that he was happy to be in Pedro's room and bed where Pedro lived and died and was happy to be with Isabel and he enjoyed feeling like Pedro.

As Salvador continued talking and holding Isabel, his face and voice were now that of the original grey-haired Pedro (of the first episodes, before he died). Pedro told Isabel that he had been anxious of waiting for Isabel and he was very happy. He felt he belonged in the house surrounded by everything that was Pedro Jose's. Isabel was shocked and called out to Salvador. Pedro held Isabel close to him. Isabel sighed....obviously she couldn't tell Salvador she was seeing Pedro instead of Salvador, and just leaned into Pedro's arms.

Later that night, (Isabel was now seeing Salvador as Salvador) Salvador assured Isabel that he would be the last husband she would ever have, as their union would be forever and no other man would exist for her... Continue reading... Snippet 84: "Sorry, ... No Honeymoon!", Snippet 85: "Lonely, ... and Haunted!", Snippet 86: "Dumbfounded!", and Snippet 87: "Revenge On Course" from the Mega Telenovela Love Stories Blog, surely more is coming...

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