Saturday, December 15, 2007

Larry Made Me to Dream Again...

Larry Page and BrideThe Google 'twins' are at it again. The buzz is on that today, Saturday 15th December, 2007, is the wedding ceremony of Larry Page, Co-founder of Google Inc. His partner, Sergey Brin, had opened the year 2007 with his own wedding. It was not surprising therefore that his 'twin brother' closed the year with his too. Indeed a Google year.

As Larry (aged 34, and popularly christened by the media as the most eligible American bachelor), walks to the altar to tie the nuptial knots with his heartthrob of one year, (Lucy Southworth, 27, a Ph.D student of Stanford University) today, we 'telenovela girls' giggle affectionately and salute the Google Couple on this special day. We rejoice with you and wish you a blissful marital life.

Larry and Lucy PageWhen I said that Larry made me to dream again, I naturally refer to his background nine years ago when he and Sergey were 'Messrs Nobody'. Today by dint of creativity, focus and vision, they have 'arrived' as the 4th and 5th richest American.

When less than some two years ago, I began to earn my first humble Dollars online, it was through the Google machine (Google AdSense)... and till today, when I graduated into my noble thousands income from my blogging activities.

This is my appreciative contributions to one of the great minds behind the making money online 'miracle', which opened my eyes and, of course, my life, to the abundant opportunities possible on the internet. Once again, Thanks Larry, for making me to dream again and the dreams keep coming true.

On behalf of telenovela fans and families here on Telenovela Love Garden and Telenovela Stories Dot TV, I wish you a blissful honeymoon and a blessed matrimony.

All Hail the Google Couple!!!


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