Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Snippets 112

It was an epic confrontation between a jealous Xochil and L.F, when L.F arrived in the company of her bosom friend, Vanessa at the hospital. Xochil blamed her for bringing bad luck to Alfredo. L.F could not but notice the jealous disposition of Xochil. She lambasted Xochil for blaming her for the accident, saying it would very odd for her to wish her Groom, (the one whom she planned to spend the rest of her life with), evil on the day of their wedding.

Carlos took her to see Alfredo in his unconscious state. L.F wept profusely by his bed swearing that she would marry him, no matter what the outcome of his accident may be. Carlos swallowed his own agony, as he watched L.F swearing to go into perpetual bondage of moral indebtedness to a man she doesn't love.

Consuelo warned Heriberto that she would send Vanessa packing from the house because of her frequent fraternization with L.F. Heriberto challenged her that she dared not because that was his only child and would not allow her to be thrown out. Rigo came back home to announce to the shame of Consuelo that Don has recovered from coma and he is improving in health. She also threaten Consuelo to follow her to the hospital to come and confess her evil deeds to the old man or she (Rigo), would say the whole truth to Don at her next visit.

L.A went to Marissa's house to make a last minute appeal to her not to divorce him. Rosario could not tolerate this evil man in the house, she told him that Marissa has gone to a wedding and he could not be allowed to stay within the premises of the mansion. So, L.A went to wait at the gate, outside. When Marissa came she accused him of behaving irresponsibly by fighting and kicking Pedro out of jealousy. Marissa told him to forget about restoration as she loves Pedro dearly now. Rosario later pleaded with Marissa to reconsider the undying love between Carlos and Luisa Fernanda, by withdrawing her opposition to their love and happiness.

Jenny told Carol about the Alfredo's accident, and the possibility of being a cripple in the leg for a long time. Joaquina too told Pedro as soon as he returned that L.A came to see L.F and was on the verge of confessing to her that he was her father when she (Joaquina) interrupted and prevented it from happening. She warned Pedro to be the first to tell L.F so that she would not hear it fro L.A or anyone else who may take the credit for the revelation and L.F turning around to hate him.

Victor, a sympathiser, came to incite Xochil to fight for her love for Alfredo by standing by him throughout these trying times. Pancho alerted Pedro that Suzanna saw him Kissing Marissa and was heart broken for the betrayal.

Rigo arrived with Consuelo to visit Don and confess all her evil deeds. In the same hospital Alfredo woke up for the first time after the surgery, and demanded to speak with Dr. Carlos Eduardo.

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it is sad that the gardener;s daughter suffers for things which is not knowledgeable of . in an idealistic situation.well it will be lovely if in our real world we get to see the higly place having a closer and heart to heart talk