Monday, February 05, 2007

Your Sins Will Catch Up With You

The tragicomedy phase of the Gardener's daughter soap was ushered in tonite by the accident that almost killed Alfredo Anzola, as depicted in Snippet 110, which many of us have already read. Thank God for the actual event watched on TV, it is now clear what was responsible for that accident.

Alfredo indulged himself on his wedding day, in fact, some few minutes before he marched to the altar with Luisa Fernanda. Xochil had to leave (there can't be two 'captains' on a ship), and she was doing that in style, she drew close to the doctor and planted a memorable kiss on him, and he did not resist her. I call it a "home-breaker kiss". To me, what that kiss meant was that, if in future there is a rift between Alfredo and L.F, and that would have been certainly inevitable. The memory of that kiss would trigger a desire for an admirer or a lover called Xochil, waiting for Alfredo to be driven to her bed of infidelity.

He was in that dreamland, whose powerful erotic effect had not worn off, when he crossed the road without looking, and, ... GBOSA!!! He was hit by a hit-and-run cab driver.

I strongly feel it was wrong for Xochil to blame L.F for bringing the bad luck of accident on Alfredo on his wedding day. The real culprit was this beautiful tempter called Xochil. That moment of procrastination and indulgence in 'romantic sin' with Xochil is what I believe caught up with Alfredo with the instant penalty visited on him at the spot.

Another drama was the re-appearance of Reuben, the former husband of Lupe after a 20-year escapade with his secretary that he ran away with. He was so remorseful now but Lupe vowed never to forgive him. This may have been the reason why she quickly agreed to marry Ordonez, to avoid temptation of going back to a man who abandoned her some 2 decades ago.

Tha character played by Reuben, was a popular face on "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine). He was called Gian Carlo, and got married to Paloma's mother, Soledad, in that telenovela.

Curious about next episode? then, check out Snippet 111 to have an inkling of what awaits the schemers of this telenovela.


coolchic said...

i dont think the accident thing was a good way out of the wedding after watching yesterday.i think L.F should have just broken the engagement. that would have been better.As for 'romantic sin', L.F also has some of hers too with C.E.There was no home breaking as far as i am concerned because there was no home in the 1st place.

Philomena Ojikutu said...


I agree with you that L.F too was equally guilty of this 'romantic sin'.

You must agree with me that if that 'home' had been established by marriage between Alfredo and L.F, Xochil would have been the number 1 home-breaker.

She had already positioned herself to do just that, or how do you explain a lady passionately kissing a groom, just some few minutes before going to the altar with his bride.

It's like telling us that a woman who goes to bed with another man, some few hours before going to the altar with her fiance, would be faithful to her husband later in that marriage.

kiki said...

i agree with coolchic,there was no home at the 1st place,i don't think xochil has the heart to break up l.f's homeif she(l.f)hjad married alfredo,besides the kiss was something to keep her going.she said she'll never forget alfredo.

Anonymous said...

Well put Coolchic. I blame the author!