Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snippets 125

After the hot slap in the face, L.F decided to abandon further struggles with her arc rival, Jenny, for the love of Carlos Eduardo. When later Carlos came to visit her, she told him how Jennifer de la fighter humiliated her with a slap during Heriberto's funeral. She told him never to come around looking for her any more because she doesn't want further trouble with his pugilist fiancee.

After Heriberto's funeral, Don went to ask Consuelo to explain the details of the confession of Heriberto to him about his dead daughter and his living granddaughter. Consuelo masterly hid under tearful streams of pain, and pretended to be too consumed by the loss of her husband to answer the query of Don. But the old man would not rest, He went to Rigo to ask the same question.

L.A received court summons to appear and defend himself against the allegation of attempted murder of Marissa.

Dr. Serrano told Alfredo how it is impossible for him to force his fiancee to escort him to La Paz. Desperate Alfredo sent for Pedro and arm-twisted him to compel his daughter to escort him to La Paz for the duration of his stay there. Pedro, true to type, mandated and morally cornered L.F, to agreeing to escort Alfredo to La Paz. Case closed! Courrrrrttttttt!!!!

Marissa seems to have woken up from the threshold of Jenny's deception. She invited only one journalist into her office and garnted an exclusive interview of her own version of L.A's ridiculous allegations. When Jenny returned to the Press center, the gamut of eager journalists whom she had invited for her 'show of shame' almost tore her to pieces demanding from her to produce Marissa, as she had promised them, when she was inviting them for the press conference. Marissa turned down all her pleadings to show up at the press conference. Jenny had to profusely apologized to all the press corps, for her inability to produce Marissa for the press conference. She was thoroughly embarrassed.

The parents of Salvador finally agreed to voluntarily give him away in adoption to Pedro and the judge had no option than to ratify their decision.

Ordonez and Lupe publicly announced their forthcoming wedding ceremony.

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