Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snippets 124

Being, the first time that a patient would die in his hands during surgery, Carlos felt very bad and even took responsibility for his death. Vanessa a double orphan became most vulnerable, for the first time in her life. Consuelo pretentiously slumped to the ground upon learning of Heriberto's death. Don Fernando handled the coordination of the burial ceremony for Heriberto. The weakest of all the schemers in this telenovela dies, 3 more to go, they are chronic evil agents and hardened wicked souls. You know them, don't you?

Upon learning that Leopoldo would testified against him for exchange for his pardon and freedom. L.A was paranoid, he signaled that his hatchet man, Solozarno should swing into action with PLAN "B" to make sure Leopoldo dies before arriving at the witness box.

Paranoid Alfredo threatened Dr. Serrano that he would rather remain a cripple and refuse to go for physio treatment in La Paz, if his fiancee refuse to follow and be with him there, for the long duration of his stay in La Paz.

Jennifer de la Mocker was mocked too. She went to the hospital to alert Carlos by lying that that his mother has organized a press conference, (of which Jenny herself was architect and master planner), to counter L.A. When she arrived, Consuelo told her that Carlos is mourning and grieving in his office because of the loss of Heriberto and that L.F was in the office with him, consoling him.

She went into a rage at the mention of Luisa Fernanda's name. She stormed Carlos' office and was astonished to see both of them (L.F and C.E), in an emotionally charged kissing session. She screamed and shouted her frustration at the two, insulting L.F, calling her unprintable names. Carlos stopped her in her tracks, warning her never to insult L.F again.

It was Heriberto's funeral, and all present were truly mournful, the only secretly happy person was Consuelo, whose vile secrets were carried to the beyond, by Heriberto. Jenny arrived at the burial in the company of Carlos, she secretly went to where L.F was standing, without being seen by anybody, she landed Luisa Fernanda a big whopping slap on the face, saying that was for kissing her 'fiance', Carlos Eduardo.

Leopoldo withheld his testimony against L.A, because he had not been pardoned or freed as he had offered to Mujica.

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