Friday, December 08, 2006

Snippets 134

Cornered Consuela, lied to Don, that Vanessa, of her own accord, left the house to go and live with her fiance. Don did not believe her. So, the old man went to L.F's house to bring her out and took her back home. Don humiliated Consuela by commanding her to apologize to Vanessa for the evil deed of sending her out of the house.

The good night kiss that Guillermo gave Jennifer unexpectedly opened a romantic door that landed both of them in his bed... making love. I am sure this is what sealed her hypocritical fate, as she descended afterwards, in the moral reckoning of Marissa and Carlos Eduardo.

Guillermo gave an expensive golden gift to Jenny as an appreciation of the unexpected and lavish 'affair' she just had with him. He further asked her to let them formalize the affair with an engagement, preparatory to their wedding. Jenny objected, saying she is not done yet with Carlos Eduardo.

Pedro returned from La Paz, determined to confess to L.F that Don Fernando was her grandfather. He first apologized to her for forcing her against her wish into a relationship with Alfredo. He told her to follow her heart and choose whoever she would love to marry. As he entered gear 2, about to tell her her biological ties with Don, she told him she was too tired to concentrate on his speech, she requested to continue tomorrow, because she was exhausted by the stress induced by her sick son, Pedrito.

Next day, she phoned Alfredo, but was told that Alfredo had left the hotel. Carlos Eduardo later came visiting and requested that she strolled out to the love garden with him, along with their son, Pedrito. She agreed. When they got there, he told her, for the umpteenth time, to break off relationship with Alfredo just as he was about to do with Jennifer. He told her that it would be sheer deception to continued with their respective 'arrangee' fiancees when their true love lies in being together forever.

Armando may have to go back to his vomit, having rejected Lucero's offer of a good job at the television station. He is considering going back to his father L.A at his new office to offer him a job.

Marissa arrived in the office and overheard Lupe and Ordonez talking about L.A and his newly discovered daughter. She became so interested and interrupted them to ask if they knew who L.A's daughter was? They were surprised, that she had been listening to them unnoticed.

Caesar came to Marissa to announce his resignation from her domestic employment, Marissa supported his move to reconcile and work in Reuben's company. Marissa also promised to rent an apartment for him in La Paz to live with his wife as soon as he starts working for his father there.

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