Monday, December 11, 2006

Snippets 148

Conspiracy and collusion between Armando and Jenny began to tear at the seams. The cause of their fight was Luisa Fernanda. Armando told Jenny that it was impossible for him to stop relating with his half sister, just because jenny did not like her face.

The failure of Alfredo to win the love of L.F after so many years weighed heavily on his memories. He began to drink alcohol to quench the desert of his implacable defeat. On getting home, Xochil accuse him of being drunk. He felt ashamed for his untoward state. He however insisted that he would still attend Vanessa's wedding reception. As he was struggling to wear his dress in readiness for the wedding, Xochil came to assist him to be ready. In the process, they got entwined again in kisses... and this time around, ... it happened!

L.F sought and obtained Pedro's permission to follow her heart, concering her matrimonial future. She called Carlos to annouce to him that she would want to marry him now and for ever! carlos was overjoyed by this L.F's decision. L.F told him to give her some few hours so that she could explain her irreversible decision to Alfrdo, then she would be ready any moment for marrige to Carlos. He went home celebrating the good news with Marissa.

Don gave Vanessa away in marriage.

Guillermo bought ticket for jenny and himself for a vacation to an Island resort to bury the pain of her rejection by Carlos.

Marissa visited Pedro to seal their reconciliation and promised each other that they would not keep any secrets from each other again.


Anonymous said...

Hello Phil, this is Philip, i will like to know who vanessa married. Is it Chante? or did she meet some other guy? Thanks for responding

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Hi Philip,

Thanks for your solidarity and articulate contributions on in our garden here.

Honestly, the name beats me. Daniel, Trimming, Chante and now, at the altar- Orlando. Those are the four names that the Spanish original have mentioned.

All I know is that Vanessa never changed or switched Fiance. That was why I had refrained, as much as possible from mentioning these four names. It could be confusing...

Keep gardening...

Anonymous said...

Never give your body to man. No man love with his body but his heart. Never convet a man's body but rather crave for his heart, its more secure there. (LOVE, not SEX)

Well done Queen Ojikutu


Anonymous said...

hello phil i have not miss one of the episode so tell what hapen to luisa ferannda did she get married to carlos

patty said...

hello phil i have not miss one of the episode so tell what hapen to luisa ferannda did she get married to carlos

6:52 AM

Anonymous said...

Hello Phil,
It's like the writer of Gardener's daughter is playing on our intelligence. If there are awards for soap opera, this soap opera will not get any. There are act that are not real in the soap. For instance, the relationship between louisa and carlos, so many things happen which are not real, like identity of small pedro to carlos. Another one is that L. A. always get away with his atrocities. He was not punished for any of his atrocities except that of child kidnapping. Do you think that it is possible for everybody who knew about louisa paternity to hide it from her for a very long time including her guiding angel, Riggo, despite all the trouble than Fernando Alcantero went through.