Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 154: The End of The Wicked!

No more space for maneuver, when L.F met her aunty Consuelo, the wicked woman begged her to cover up for her by telling Don that she (Consuelo), did not know all these while, that L.F was her niece. L.F refused bluntly to be her accomplice in deception of her grandfather, Don Fernando. She assured her that if it was because of inheritance that made her commit all her evil atrocities, she (L.F) was not interested in struggling for inheritance of Don. She said she was content to know that the good old man was her mother's father.

Consuelo went berserk, seeing that she had lost it all, and could not manipulate this young girl. L.F walked out on her and went to join Pedro at Don's house. Consuela vowed to kill this 'bastard' girl before she get to reveal all her evil deeds to Don Fernando at the house. She rushed into her car, with plans to go and contract hired assassins to do a quick job of killing Luisa Fernanda.

In her hysterical state, Consuela drove straight into an auto crash. The same type of accident that killed Amelia. Her car caught fire as a result of the impact of the head-on collision. The great, hellish-like inferno prevented rescuers and sympathizers from getting near the car to rescue her. The consuming fire consumed Consuela. she was burnt beyond recognition, roasted by fire on earth, sent to hell to continue in the bonfire.

Pedro held nothing back, it was a free-for-all revelation that touched Don greatly. He cleared the air that Consuelo was lying when she accused him and Amelia of stealing Don's money. Pedro even disclosed to the old man that his Legal Adviser, Luis Alejandro Montero, was the bast**d who impregnated Amelia. Don was about mourning for the horrible misfortunes of Amelia when L.F entered the house. She rushed to embrace her grandfather... it was a moment of free-flowing tears.

Don asked that two bottles of champagne be opened to celebrate this great moment.

Carlos Eduardo went in the morning to Alfredo's house seeking L.F. Alfredo pretended as if he and L.F spent the night together having a nice time. Carlos was in rage, Alfredo was merely taunting and tormenting him with those lies. Xochil ran out of the house to hide in Victor's house, because she felt betrayed by Alfredo's cowardice in the face of L.F. Alfredo did not want to lose two ways, he quickly dressed up and went to beg and reconciled with Xochil.

Vanessa's husband, Trimming (he has so many names), was at the scene of the accident, he recognized Consuelo's car, the police took him to the mortuary to identify the burnt body of Consuela.

Jenny saw Carlos at a restaurant and still went after him begging to be given another chance. Carlos warned her to leave him alone and depart in peace. Guillermo that had been monitoring the movements of Jenny traced her to that restaurant and thought that C.E and her fixed a rendezvous there. He entered and without question, he landed a jealous blow on Carlos Eduardo's face.

Trimming arrived home to break the sad news of Consuelo's tragic end in the midst of feasting and victorious reunion by Don and his grandaughter.

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