Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Episode 34: Good Bye, Amelia

Blood is thicker than water. Don Fernando donated blood to his unknown grand daughter, the heiress to his fortune, and he thought he was doing good to the girlfriend of his young doctor friend, Carlos Eduardo. However, the nagging feeling that he might have known the young lady somewhere, never left him..., he even counselled Carlos that "...she resembled someone I know, what beautiful lady you have there, please, take good care of her..." When he returned home, he told his household that: "...Destiny led me by the hand to Carlos Eduardo, I donated blood to his girlfriend, I think I saved her life..."

Pedro could not sleep for a romantic night at Suzanna's apartment. His heart was burdened by the departure of his beloved Amelia and Luisa Fernanda from his house. Before sinking further into the adulterous bed of Suzanna, he stood up and told her that she doesn't deserved to be disappointed by him. He left for his lonely house.

Carlos stood all-night over Luisa Fernanda, watching over her in a cupid vigil, like an angel. Next day when she woke up, she was told that it was Carlos who attended to her all-night. When Carlos came in, the carry-over of her resentment for him, because of what she assumed to be his emotional betrayal manifested. She told him not to touch her. She wondered why it was him that had to attend to her, of all the 'many, many doctors' who could have treated her. Carlos tried again without much success to fully explained to her that he was drunk at Jenny's house and fell asleep, and that Jenny fabricated a phony pregnancy certificate, to tear-apart their love for each other. She told him to get lost and go away; and she turned her back on him.

Pedro, in the company of Lupe and Sister Joaquina arrived at the hospital and after much pleading by Pedro, he was allowed to go in and see Amelia, who was in critical and unstable condition. He knelt down by her bed-side, and with streaming tears, made a request, asking her to fight for her life! In the midst of his tearful pleading with an Amelia in coma, she gave up the ghost. Efforts to revive her by shock-treatmment, by the senior doctor failed. Pedro broke down with hysterics, upon learning of Amelia's death. Shouting: "...Amelia, come back, please don't go, come back..." He was later led out, to announce the passing away of Amelia to Lupe and Joaquina.

Luis Alejandro went early to Andreina's apartment. His strong-arm tactics of accusing her of having another love-affair with the person of Leopoldo, did not work. So, he soft-pedalled. Andreina won't bulge, she gave him an ultimatum to choose now, between Marissa and her. She said she doesn't want to spend her entire lifelihood as a mistress of one married man, till she become old with wrinkles.

A worried L.A. headed for a bridal store and bought an expensive engagement ring, hoping that would do the trick of calming Andreina down. He took the receipt and scribbled down Andreina's name and address for the ring to be sent to her. On getting to his office, he carelessly dropped the receipt on his table. he was immediately informed that his best friend, Leopoldo was around. After Leopoldo was ushered in he invited L.A. to lunch at a nearby restaurant. he accepted and left the office with him. He instructed Alicia, his secretary, to pick file the receipt on his table. not long afterwards, Marissa came in...

Alicia told her that her boss had gone out to lunch with his friend. Marissa requested that Alicia should call him and ask for the place so she too can come to join them at lunch. She went straight to L.A.'s office to wait for reply. As she moved close to his table, her attention was caught by the receipt floating on his table, she picked it and read. She gasped with shock and unbelief wondering aloud: "...RECEIPT for A RING?..." Next episode would unravel if the cookie would begin to crumble...

Andreina was truly and naively in love with Luis Alejandro. She went with tears to the office, telling Jenny that she had issued an ultimatum to L.A. to divorce Marissa and come to marry her. Jenny rose up to expose her naiveity, telling her that it is not possible for L.A. to do that, what is at stake in that marriage was not lack of love for Marissa, but something bigger than fickle love. When Andreina told her how she indicted L.A. for tutoring Jenny about forging pregnancy certificate, Jenny was mad with her for even telling L.A. as, that would endanger her unrlenting schemes with Carlos and Marissa.

Pedro was given the unpalatable assignment of breaking the news of Amelia's death to Luisa Fernanda. As he entered and approached her hospital bed, with Joaquina and Carlos Eduardo tagging along behind him. She was happy and hopeful saying: "...Daddy, have you seen my mother? is she fine? I am told by Carlos Eduardo that she is in a coma, don't worry, have faith, she would come out of it and join us, the three of us together again...." Pedro, with tear-soaked eyes, and cracked, sobbing voice, said: "...Noooo..., she won't join us, never again..." Luisa looked on with a glassy dazed eyes...too shocked to speak.

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