Thursday, December 14, 2006

Snippets 173

Dr. Serrano warned Jenny that if she should discharge herself without adequate rest, she would suffer terrible medical consequences. Jenny's obsession with Carlos defies any medical restrictions. She stood up and got ready to attend Marissa's wedding despite the fact that she was no good friend of Pedro. Her motive was driven by an implacable hatred for L.F, and wanted to prevent any reunion of Carlos and L.F at the party. Still in great body pain, she left and headed for her last evil act at the party

Don Fernando watched in confusion, as Carlos kisses L.F without resistance. L.A was seething in anger and dismissed Armando as the legal Assistant of the steel company when he insisted that he would attend Marissa's wedding. Armando went straight to report L.A to L.F.

Jenny ignored the counsel of Alfredo and went to the party. By the time Guillermo arrived at the hospital to stand by his darling Jenny, he met an empty bed and was surprised.

L.F confessed to Carlos that she had never been happy with any man but him, Carlos Eduardo was her true happiness. She said that even Carol, a sister to Jenny and a former foe, testified to his faithfulness. Carlos proposed to her that they should go to a quiet motel, away from the hustle bustle of the merry makers at Marissa's wedding reception. for the second time in their love life, the two prime lovers, made love in the beautiful confines of the motel.

Jenny arrived at the party and began a fruitless search for Carlos Eduardo.

Marissa and Pedro thanked all their friends and associates for honoring them with their attendance at the party.

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