Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gaby Espino, Married at Last

Last week Thursday, 30-year old wild telenovela actress, "Princesa Izaguirre", of the 'Rebeca' and 'La Heredera' telenovela fame, Gaby Espino, has finally donned the bridal gown and marched to the altar with her boyfriend of many years, Cristóbal Lander, in the city of Caracas, Venezuela.

The wedding took place under the evening warmth and radiant candlelight at the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church in Caracas. The new groom is the popular modeling star- Cristóbal Lander.

Resplendent in an expensive but beautiful white designer lace gown made by Piera Ferrari, Gaby made family, friends and single ladies envious with desires to 'hook' Messrs Rights, and also settle down. Cristóbal too was Tuxedoed, and necked with a white bow-tie.

Characteristic of the quenched flames of the screen, some writers have already and unjustly started predicting a probable six-month duration for this newly consummated marriage.

Courtesy of the TV Chismes, I bring you photo glimpses of the wedding ceremony from the altar to the reception party. Thanks also to Wikipedia for the 'wild' picture above left.

We, from the Telenovela Love Garden here wish Gaby a blissful matrimony. We fervently wish that your happiness would endure as your marriage. It would not be like your telenovela 'marriage' to Eduardo Montalban.

The reception bash that took place after the church wedding was at the La Quinta La Esmeralda Center in Campo Alegre, Venezuela.


Anonymous said...

pls when are you going to start with the story of catalina y sebastina, i am dying of anxiety.
nepa is doing us oba. pls

Anonymous said...

wish them all the best they wish themselves

Anonymous said...

lorenzo's wife pls when are you starting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, are you also on strike?

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,
What happened to Rebeca. You started, but we didn't get anywhere. Why did you stop after introducing the cahracters. Well, can you please tell me what happened to Princessa when she accidentally fell when fighting with Rebeca. I want to know, but Please continue from where you stopped. Thank You.

orange said...

hi, i've just stumbled upon your blog :) it's good to be able to obtain some resources in english rather than the typical spanish where some international fans might not be able to comprehend.. Thanks :)

in addition to your entries on Rebeca, i have found out from some sources stating that Ricardo Alamo (Eduardo) is married to Marjorie de Sousa (Gisela) in real life.. they met from from that telenovela Rebeca and got married on 29 may 2004 if not mistaken.. however i have further found out that they got divorced already.. sigh, i find them a very sweet couple indeed..

however, i would prefer if Eduardo were to end up with Gisela rather than Rebeca.. well it can be quite frustrating to watch Rebeca reject or not reciprocate to Eduardo's love for umpteen times.. besides Gisela was the one who was there for Eduardo during his hardship when his daughter was involved in the accident and Rebeca was being extremely stubborn by avoiding Eduardo.. Eduardo should not have rushed into marriage as well and furthermore convince Gisela when in actual fact he's not certain about his feelings towards Gisela.. he is only thinking for his sake and not for Gisela's future.. on the other hand, Rebeca should not decide for Martin to not go with Princesa by jumping into conclusion where she has no idea that Princesa is serious about Martin besides she herself has no intention to be with him.. the only reason Rebeca were to go with Martin is only after she failed to be with Eduardo.. well these are merely my opinions/sharing only and besides this is only a movie and i believe they have their reasons in doing so by trying to show how great is Rebeca's and Eduardo's love :)

orange said...
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orange said...

hi anonymous #5 :) are u referring to the fight that happened somewhere in the kitchen where Princesa was wearing some kind of wedges? i don't exactly remember the whole scene and could not recall if Princesa fainted or what but i think she did and Rebeca was worried bout it.. anyway Sara was there to witness the incident and being crooked she twisted the story and spread to the rest by diverting the blame on Rebeca.. anyway after that Princesa got up from her unconsciousness and Sara told her bout the news she spread.. somehow Sergio found out the actual story and threatened Sara to spread the news that Rebeca was not the one at fault.. Hope this helps kill some of your curiosity :)

btw i haven't completed watching the whole series but only watched till the 89th episode..

Anonymous said...

please does Martin love Princesa or he is only running away from her arrogance? they end up together? i wish they will because the two are just perfect.
a humble man can tame an arrogant lady.