Monday, March 19, 2007

Princesa Izaguirre - Gaby Espino

Actress Gaby Espino "Princesa Izaguirre" played her first 'wicked' role as a spoilt, rich girlfriend of Eduardo, lacking virtues and plotting evil continually. She was the princess among 'the three witches' which included Sara and Regina. Remember that we had a similar wicked trio of Angela, Babara and Berenice in Cuando Seas Mia (When you Are Mine)?

Like her boyfriend, she was a bundle of confusion, not really sure whether to follow her heartbeats or headaches. Martin was her heartbeats while Eduardo was her headaches.

Her relationship with Eduardo later turned sour when she schemed and got Rebeca Linares sacked from her workplace. She later fell in love with Martin. A love that would made her to become remorseful and also broke her arrogance, (who says love can't melt a stony heart?). She had to stoop, as she truly wanted to marry humble Martin.

Before then, this princess of perfidy almost devastated and decimated the Montalbán fortune through a series of fictitious financial deals that swindled that family of their mansion and other assets, as a mark of her vengeance for being jilted.

Being married to Eduardo and having his daughter Marcelito did not stop her from infidelity with Martin. Adalberto, disapproved of her because she hated Rebeca with passion, and spinned many horrible schemes with Regina, to prevent the meeting and reunion of father and daughter, but at the end, she failed, woefully.

She had two diametrically opposed siblings, Tony and Nicholas, more about them later.

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