Thursday, January 17, 2008

Her Majesty's Visit

Jane MayGuess who 'walked' through our telenovela love garden here this weekend... Her 'blogoscopic' Majesty, Jane May. She is one resourceful blogger with an astonishing grasp of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I have decided to take a LEAP - to make more money online this new year than all my incomes of the last four years put together! So it is a great omen to have great online money earners visiting my blog to kick off my money-making adventures this first month... and you know what? The rain has started 'falling' (Joel 2:23) early enough!

(Yours truly just grossed over $2,500 Dollars, half of which was transfered by wire or SWIFT to my GTB account from one of the networks and content provider that I partnered with). If this is the emerging financial picture of the first two weeks of 2008, imagine what awaits me in the weeks and months ahead.

90% of success in life is determined by positioning. I have decided to attract and magnetize successful friends online this year. You won't find me in the company of fools, because a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

Jane MayJane May was voted last year as one of the Top 10 Sexiest Bloggers. That is not the real news, the news was that she sold one of her blogs for $20,000 by mid year 2007. Jane has more than proved her mettle in the career blogging niche, where she showed the secret of how to coast home an income of over $300 daily with her blog.

Remember that she also broke the news about the successful sale of Kumiko Suzuki's blog (CashQuests) for $15,000 late last year. I consider it a privilege to have Jane visit us.

Grace Cheng Forex QueenJane has since those meteoric news of last year moved into affiliate marketing, which is 'quieter' but heavy bucks earner. A visit to her Daily Web Ideas blog showed that she has not posted more than four times since September 2007. Nonetheless, Jane is a highly respected mentor on the web and friend of mine since the days on the controversial master rambler, where we met.

We were also privileged to have my Forex mentor, Grace Cheng, the Forex queen and blogger, who Make Money Trading Money, visit us too in this season. Grace, whose name is almost synonymous with FOREX, is a Singaporean, blissfully married to an American, Pedro.

Forex Grace ChengShe is also the author of that popular book called: "7 Winning Strategies For Trading Forex". She has being on a trip with her two loves (husband and Forex), round the world since mid-2007. What a way to combine business with pleasure.

Until I met Grace last year, I have consciously steered clear of the disgraceful scam called Forex in Nigeria. Every online scammer have suddenly taken refuge in the so-called "Forex Seminars", and being Forex 'tutors without futures' because they did not have proofs.

These funny fellows (my husband call them 'Knowledge Dupes' make money only from the scam forex lectures, and not from actual Forex trading. They don't even have any sterling results there, so they can't give what they did not have!

Grace Cheng changed all that for me with her PowerFX course. Many of my students in the 'Blogging-For-Money' class were former victims of Forex scammers. I would be speaking more about Grace Cheng and Forex in another post. Suffice is to say a telenovela 'Thank You' to Grace for engracing my life, and finding the time out of her global tour to visit my telenovela blog.

If you want to follow trails of this prolific Forex blogger from Asia to America, (she is now in Chicago), Do so on her World Wiki blog. I pray that may your life too be a celebrity palace that enjoy the visitations and impartation of kings and queens this year.
Make Money Trading MoneyMake Money Trading Money

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