Sunday, January 13, 2008

El Cuerpo del Deseo: Final Episode

The 'Second Chance' telenovela (El Cuerpo del Deseo) ends in this chapter. Yes, this is the end of the great story. If you have been following from my telenovela stories sitemap, then, you can 'flow' into this grand finale now.

Philippe was loading his paintings in the car, and Valeria, Antonio, Simon and Angela pleaded with him to help them to take Salvador home. Philippe said that he never again wanted to hear about Salvador. Antonio, Simon, Angela and Valeria continued pleading with Philippe.

Philippe gave up and told them that he could tell them where his nephew Father Giacomo lived as Salvador lived in a remote place but they would have to take Salvador themselves. Valeria agreed and Philippe gave them Father Giacomo's address.

Back in the Donoso house, Vicky informed Abigail and the maids of the newspaper headline, where Rebeca had been found in a hotel room having committed suicide by hanging herself with a rope. They decided not to tell anybody as the news was just too horrible.

Angela, Antonio, Simon and Valeria arrived at the Donoso house and called out to Salvador. Salvador warily came out. Antonio and Angela asked Salvador if he wanted to go back home to Las Crustas. Salvador happily said yes!! Antonio told Salvador to get ready and for his belongings to be packed as he was going that very evening. Salvador was ecstatic.

Later, Salvador's belongings were put in the car. Outside the house, Salvador apologized to Abigail and Vicky for the chaos he had caused. Vicky and Abigail told him that they had not minded at all and told him how much they would miss him, even if he did not know them well. The two maids asked Salvador if they could hug him as even if he did not remember or know them, to them he was the most important person to them.

Salvador happily agreed and the two maids hugged him. Angela told the maids to look after her baby son as he was the most precious thing/person she had. Salvador asked her for the name of the baby and she told him the baby's name was Pedro Antonio Dominguez. Salvador finally entered the car with Simon, Angela and Antonio drove them away; for the last time we say goodbye to the Donoso house and Abigail, Vicky, the maids and baby Pedro. ('Babatunde' as the Yorubas of Nigeria would call him 'father-has-returned').

Antonio drove all night and the very next day, they had reached Las Crustas. Antonio asked Salvador to guide him as from where they were he did not know the road or way to follow. Salvador told Antonio to follow the road where the priest with the bicycle was on (The priest was Father Giacomo).

Antonio drove past Father Giacomo. Father Giacomo saw Salvador in the car and made the sign of the cross as he could not believe that Salvador had come back to town! He called out to Salvador and cycled faster than ever before trying to reach Salvador (It looked funny as Father Giacomo was much lager than the small bicycle he was ridding).

Antonio reached a rough road. Salvador asked Antonio to pull-up the car as the car could not move further on the rough road. Simon wondered if they had to remove Salvador's belongings but Antonio told Simon that they first had to gauge where Salvador was going so that they did not take him to a bad place. Salvador, Antonio, Simon, and Angela walked the rest of the way.

In a short while, Salvador saw his wife and son working on the farm. He called out to them and ran to greet them. Cantalicia was so shocked and happy to see her Salvador and she ran to meet him. The two met in a hug. Salvador then hugged his son Mancho.

He told Cantalica that she had no idea of what he had been through or the things he had done. He said he could not even tell her some of the things he had done as she might not accept him and would be annoyed at him. Cantalicia gave him a look that clearly said that (she knew and) she had forgiven him.

Salvador showed Cantalicia the shoes he had been given. Removing the shoes off his feet and showing it to Cantalicia on her face.. He said that he had been with the very nice people that included Mrs. Angela who had given him the shoes and other nice things (some or most were Salvador/Pedro's belongings).

Antonio told Simon that they had to leave Salvador in Las Crustas as obviously he was happy there and later they would take his belongings from the car and give it to him.

Salvador looked back while hugging his wife Cantalicia and his son Muncho. He then waved to Angela, Antonio, and Simon and told them, especially Angela to look after themselves and especially the little baby, and he would look after his wife Cantalicia and son Mancho.

Angela, Simon and Antonio waved back. The scene ended with a bird's eye view of Salvador, Cantalicia and Mancho, walking away from the camera on their farm.



The end.


Or is it really the end? Telmundo have released El Deseo Ajeno (Possessed By Desire), which is a book that tells of when the dead spirit of Rebeca enters Valeria's body. Rebeca in Valeria's body goes to seek revenge on Salvador, back in Las Crustas, for taking all the Donoso fortune (Poor Valeria).

The story will follow everybody's life: Antonio and Angela with their son Pedro 'babatunde' Antonio, Simon, Vicky, Gaetana and Evaristo, etc. You can get it from Amazon here:Telemundo Presenta: El deseo ajeno (Telemundo Presents: Possessed By Desire): Novela (A Novel)


Oshoba said...

been blessed with this novella. i hope men will learn from this and make peace with ther makerYes i ve r

lyn said...

from the very first day it was shown in phil tv, i was really amazed with every single moment in each dull scenes ever!!! LOVE U MARIO CIMARRO!!!...

Anonymous said...

hi and hello to all ! i am very thnkful to the girl post this happy that i found your post..,,i came from philippines...where this telenovela is,,aired....i really love it..but its only 10 episode were its very long time to wait what will happen.,,,thats why..i research the full glad that i found,im the very solid fan of mario...for his built...ohhh..he is so macho...i love him as pedro..i also love pedro (original face)even he is old but he is handsome...i love him..very much until he turn to be salvador..that im more know sometimes i cry...about life of salvador as pedro...on how he will tell them that he is pedro....and now...i know all the story..but i not saying good bye to watch..becuase i love the actors and actress..they are...fits the rule....( i love esabel too much...for her rule.....i wish i was and arrogant apriceate her....she will recalled me as (marimar) that..whole country of up to adult...boys and girls..loved her..and we never forget thalia our life...becuase thalias all telenovelas aired in the philippines....specially marimar(original played with thalia..that aired 6pm...all the churches in philippines one go to mass in 6pm....while the previous is always full(98% are catholic)the priest are very shock of the falowers of marimar and other telenovelas of thalia...we miss ...mexican came again in elcuerpo.....

i am happy now..that i already...know the full story of el cuerpo.....thnks for who make this blog...thnks for are the one who make my life so very happy....that i read the stories...keep up the good work......and ...god is have a gift to you...that many people are ....happy with

im..bblue yahoo id have also write my true story of my life..that you will be shock....this is my unfinish diary....http//

i had also regestered to

hope you see it my unfinished detailed the true happening of my life...why i became a mermaid....hahahahaha

keep up the good work......i salute friend who do this makes people happy......thnks for it...

god bless...

i am roseo from philippines.....

more power

Anonymous said...

wao, i read it all.Nothing like 'SECOND CHANCE'. I love it.Thanks 4 the good work Pil.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Philo and our sister from Kenya, I thank you ladies for your excellent work on "Second Chance" telenovela postings.
We have learnt a lot from the story and pray God will continually bless your efforts.

wulmwa Gofwen said...

hi galfrnd
very grateful for ur time and efforts in completing d story of second chance.
uve greatly helped in making so many lives happy (especilly mine).
i only want to wish u wll in your endeavours may God grant u ur heart desire and make your dreams come true.
al my love
Wulmwa Gofwen from Nigeria

Winnefred said...

One of the best stories ever written/told.
Interesting and captivating.

Anonymous said...

i'm not one to get attached to telenovellas,but i doff my hat for this one(even though i'm not wearing one currently!).it's truly one of the best stories ever written. thumbs up to the script writer,the continuity writer,in short,everyone involved in making this story a success!

Anonymous said...

I really loved telenovela and Mr.Mario Cimarro was sOOOOOOooooo hot indeed.......

Anonymous said... was shocked after I have read the ending,thanks to the girl posted the ending of El Cuerpo del a big fan of this the way im Eliasan from Philippines..I hope tere will be a mexican telenovela as better as this one.,great story and great ending..more powers and..tira tira..

queen said...

whoooooooooooo,the story is simply amazing,i really enjoyed it,kip it up.

raphael said...

wow , a great movie they have got there

pls i will like to get the full episode on my mailbo on

Jazykoollink said...

Hi Philomena,

God bless you really good for giving us this up-to-date story -El Cuerpo del Deseo(Second Chance). Pls give my warm regards to Tessy in Kenya. You guys are really doing a good work.I need more of the this in the subsequent Story (Possessed By Desire)to keep me relax whereever I am.

DEX said...

"Two thumbs up"-- Actors and Actresses were great as well as the one who writes this blog.--

Bolajoko said...

hi i am Bolajoko from Nigeria. just discovered your blog yesterday and today I'm through reading the story, so interesting. We in Nigeria are just at snippet 46, by this evening we will watch snippet 47.Men i'll give you a big kuddos for giving us the whole gist of El Cuerpo Del Deseo second love ya.
you can mail me at take care

Rex said...

Hi Philo,
I really appreciate ur effort so far.
B4 i discovered Telenovela Love Garden, i was almost becoming impatient with the soap cos the suspense was too much.
Tks to u i was able to get the whole story in a day.
El Cuerpo del Deseo is the best so far. The characters are splendid.
Keep up the good work.

Mridula said...

You guys are like angels to me.
You all have done such a wonderful job god bless your soul and god bless them to whom you love.
Thank you very very much.
I loved the way you all described the whole story.
Thank you very much and god bless you all.

egbosimba u doris said...


Sunday said...

I have had a great time reading the full story of the 'Second Chance' or 'El Cuerpo del Deseo' on your blog. You guys have really done a great editorial job to this 'best ever' Mexican story in the tube. In few episodes, the whole story would have ended on Nigeria's AIT station, but the memory will definitely lingers for many years ahead. Finally, readers who wish to get across to Mario Cimarro (Salvador Cerinza) can link up with him on his site:

DESHMORE said...

Sincerely, I feel so delighted to have read the entire story of El Cuerpo Del Deseo. I have never missed it. I like the way the whole story went but would have preferred if Salvador/Pedro revealed himself to them and not the entire people he loved, for having to expose him.

Isabel poisoned Don Pedro's drink once and not that she never attempted it just like you said. She just felt the old man was too nice for her to just eliminate him like that.

I dont see any reason why there should be another part of the story. I mean the El Deseo Ajeno.(Possessed by Desire) What reason has Rebecca got to come back to the world for. Honestly, Salvador, the peasant farmer has really suffered and he is to be left alone to enjoy his new wealth and stay with his family. Valarie on the other hand should have been left alone to start a new life. Rebecca should have been mallowed to rot in hell. I mean HELL. I used to think that is is only the good people that usually come back to life.

All the same, it is indeed a good love story. The best story I have ever seen and read about.

I Say WELLDONE to the novelist and the person that came up with these summaries.

Lots of Love to the Second Chance's fans. ONE LOVE.

Deshmore Adesi- Nigeria

mary said...

I fell so in luv wd this was awesome but hated the way it ended.I loved Salvador esp wen he was Pedro.not like Cantalicias hubby.all the same,it was nice n kudos to you who came up with it.I missed not a single episode on tv

tunji soyombo said...

'El Cuerpo del Deseo' is a thougt provoking has really challenged my intellect and broaden my horizon on this plilosophical phenomenon called reincarnation.perhaps, my father was not mistaken when he named me tunji.could this be my own second chance...
i'm actually considering a Ph.D in para-psychology to unravel this...
tunji soyombo.
lagos nigeria

aize said...

great unique compared 2 other telenovelas.i love it

Anonymous said...

Man this was so nice. I love e way each of them acted their parts. Bt Valleria was so weak! Nway Salvado did agreat job protecting those he loved 4m e mosters like Walter,Andre... Praise go Simon. Antonio n Salvado 4 helping Angella. it has bn so nice.


This is just excitng.I've loved sarlvado's(MARIO CIMARRO) parts so much.I wish I could just talk wit him face 2 face coz he ammuses mi so much.Isabel Arroyo is also agreat actress.continue wit that spirit.GOD BLESS YA.BONNY(frm UGANDA)

becky said...

rebbecca in valeria's body? thats creepy. i cant wait to see that happen.
i love second chance and i cant wait to see my namesake hang on a rope.
what the hell ever happened to walter????????????????????????

dolleyes said...

thanx fo the oga who is behind all the blog u rock

Dukes said...

walter's d man

Anonymous said...

I love the soap very Much since i watchd it in Africa n the Whole Youths in Kenya were like crazy abt it by then.
I Love U SIMON and Sabador!
2 the writer,Condos!!!!

Florence said...

Hello thanks for the blog and i have only one say to Rebecca and Walter "what goes round comes around"

Dama said...

Av gat the whole story now! thanks to all who posted the blog. The storyline is great, the actors and actresses are marvellous, moreso,Mario Cimmarro-you are the type a woman can't resist!

Robyn Uganda said...

the whole novela is a great composition.To enjoy more you need to watch it,Go guys see and taste the thrill.

martha said...

thanks so much for writing this wonderful story i enjoyed every bit of it well, atleast isabel and pedro ended together and i was so happy for cantalicia i thot rebeca wud end up with walter but serves them all right tthey were paid justly. it was a very lovely soap one of the best i have come across. bravo telenovela.

anoo said...

hey i could not understand the end of the story
was pedro just pretending to be salvador????
or he had really been converted to salvador??
could u plzzzzzzz let me know at
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i beg of you

zemkay said...

isabel, plz cnd me ur used clothes. i like ur style

Anonymous said...

gracias a Dios por intiresny

Anonymous said...

YOU are awesome!BEST BEST BEST you are! Finally get to know the end of this incredible story!!! Now off to shop for the edited videos--for my archives! God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

I donot like this end...............

Anonymous said...

Good story but bad end i could not understand the end of the story
was pedro just pretending to be salvador?or he had really been converted to salvador or want to be salvador?

Anonymous said...

hie...phi just wanted to say u did an awesome telenovela right here...its a pity my country(zimbabwe) only started showin e series last year 2011 and up to now they only screened 20episodes.. Which lend m to discover this blog..which im very grateful...nw is their a link i can download the complete series video...thank u..

Anonymous said...

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