Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kenya, Telenovela and Political Crisis

What we all thought was the grand finale of the Second Chance telenovela (El Cuerpo del Deseo), was not. The real grand finale became a casualty of the political turmoil that has consumed Kenya in the last three weeks.

Our dear telenovela friend, Tessie, just sent in the last three episodes of this telenovela to me. It was the crisis that prevented her from completing the full story, but thank God, she found time, out of the crisis to send us the final and ending chapter of el cuerpo del deseo. Here the rest of the story from her mouth:

"Hi Philomena!

I wish you a happy new year!! I know you will not be happy with me, and I am deeply sorry, but more happened after the grand final. I was not able to write earlier but below is the summary of the last three final episodes that happened after the car sunk out of sight.

I hope you are all doing well! We had a hectic end of 2007 and beginning of 2008 as you may have already heard and seen. Even though most media is saying we have ethnic clashes, it instead should be 'Political Leaders Exploiting People (Ethnicity) to Gain More Power', because as Kenyans we have always lived together, but some political activities causes friction against some radical people.

Since the 1982 attempted coup, things have never been so bad (Though I am told the attempted 1982 coup was worse). Sadly since 1990's there has been ethnic tensions and clashes, usually activated by various political leaders across the divide, but in the end of 2007 and January 2008, the issue blew up on our faces, due to allegations of cheatings in the elections, and due to us supporting leaders who are not credible and openly lie to us (we did not learn from our past mistakes). The issue was more political which turned tribal eventually.

My Prayer for Kenya, the rest of Africa and the world in general, we should remember that no political leader is bigger than the country, that we should kill for them or kill other people who were opposing us when our candidate looses or wins. Because who would the leaders be without us? Who would the leader lead without us? They obviously cannot grow the economy without us.

A leader is there to serve the people, without the people there is no one to serve. Most importantly, stop relying on the Political leaders so much, there is a much more powerful leader, who is mightier than any political leader and can even Move Mountains when we put our faith in him - God! Surely such a Mighty Leader will meet our needs more than any political leader can. So we should beseech God together.

I pray God brings peace to our country as politics is not a reason why so many people should die and that Nigeria continues in its good health and this never ever happens as it is an ugly experience.

The lesson is never to ignore the small problems as they can escalate, and never to make the same mistake twice (even if given a bribe) as it can cost you dearly! Be honest in everything that do, and no matter what tribe, race, religion you are we are all made in the image of God. Also, do not be so quick to judge and condemn others.

Here is the summary of the last three episodes...

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