Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Blues


Anonymous said...

hi phil,

its been a while. how has everything been with you?

thank you so much for completing the snippets for second chance.having those snippets has at least reduced the frustration of having to start watching the whole story all over again on AIT.

however, it seems you've stopped blogging cos i haven't seen your writings in the past weeks and that is why i am asking you for a huge favour.

since galaxy has decided to start showing lorenzo's wife, could you please update those of us watching it with the full episodes?(some of us have earlier watched it far beyond what is showing now).i will personally be grateful if you can do this for us.

thanks and regards to your family

Anonymous said...

hi phil, i agree with the comment, it's been quite a while, na because of u, i go get internet access or house, pls letws have lorenzo's wife. it's bben quite a while since i heard from you, but send me a text, changed my phone so i lost ur number cos it was saved on phone memory,

reardsw to ur lovely and supportive husband and the children,it's me omodesola.

Philomena Ojikutu said...


friends. I have been active at another level of web activities. Hoping to soon redirect all my blogs into one huge telenovela website in the next 2 weeks.

Then we would resume novelatainment.

Omodesola, I wld get in touch, quite an age.

Anonymous said...

hi phil,
Na wa o! I dey wait to see new things from your website. but since valentine day you never put anything new. Na wetin dey happening? abey make you not stop cos I really enjoy your site last year.

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