Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gaby Espino: Pregnant and Out!

The telenovela media is awashed with the news that actress Gaby Espino alias 'Princessa Izaguirre' of Rebeca telenovela fame, has joined the league of Jeniffer Lopez and other celebrity 'moms-in-waiting', as she she took a gracious bow out of her current Telemundo telenovela (El engaƱo) where she was playing the leading role of a.k.a "Andrea Robles Conde".

The reason for this noble decision was to give more attention to and nurture her pregnancy. Remember I shared her testimony when she got hooked and walked to the altar with fashionable Cristobal Lander mid last year? She was recently quoted by Venezuelan press saying: "... I'm pregnant. We're very happy. I'm going to be a mom..."

We wish her a rotund and blissful time in her 'new club' of celebrity baby boomers. She wins my heart as a mother and wife. This is one sacrifice too big that many actresses on screen would not want to make because of pursuit of fame. Salute to you my dear telenovela sister.


Anonymous said...

It pisses me off when people harp about Phil doing a good job when she can't even finish this story that she started. She may not have liked the story line but there were people who watched and followed it. She owes it to her readers to finish the story afterall whatever money she's making from this blog is because of the people who read it. I left Nigeria before the end of Catalina y Sebastian and was hoping to follow through to the end in this blog but I'm so disappointed because all I see every time is crap about one actress or blogger or another. Has Phil asked herself how many people have time to read such crap. If people read them, she will see comments but people don't comment, that means they don't read them. If Phil doesn't take care, people will drop this blog.!!!!!!!!

EJIRO said...

Hi anonymous,

Phil did a good job in finishing the story of Catalina y Sebastian. look at the left hand side of this blog you will see the link to full story, from beginning to end.or click on this link;

I am sure you didn't see it before now, so please withdraw your statement about Phil and apologize to her because Iam sure you can’t do what she is doing, if you were given the chance.

Learn to appreciate good works.

Anonymous said...

No offenses meant, but did you check out the site map you were referring to before writing this. I bet you didn't. You go check it out yourself and tell me whether the story is complete. I do appreciate good works and this is not a good one. Sycophancy is unbecoming of you whoever you are.


Woah, not sure what the beef is about, but I just wanted to say you have a nice blog. I came here via Chioma's blog. Come check out my blogs and www.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Phil for a wonderful blog.

However it is true what my sister says, it ain't complete.

Actually am a little pissed off coz all the sweetest blogs seem to specialize in whetting our appetites further but fail to satisfy at the end of the day. Or is that a marketing strategy?

Another one I came across today that is a culprit is wat wud have been my ideal African gossip place

Very sad.

Pls let's get our act together African ladies. Joan at Udaku as well.


Anonymous said...

phil, i agree this is a marvelous blog...i have no idea what anonymous 7.40 is talking about!! i especially loved la hija del jardinero's snippets....i am from kenya, phil and that soap is not yet over, but i know everything that's coming thanks to you!! keep up the good job.

jennifer, i have visited the udaku daily blogspot u refered seemed very new to me and very interesting i must admit. i think i will be a regular visitor there....i guess soaps dont have anything on real life!! i havent seen that on any soap-that stuff was just too funny!! thanx for the link.

phil, maybe you should put forward a proposal and ask gaby espino to get the maternity dress i saw there and strut her stuff in it......hahahahaha!!