Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome "Miss Telenovela" Photo Pageant!

One Cool Sunday Morning in July last year (2007), I conducted a 3-day stardom election on this blog between Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles. The poll held for three days and J.Lo won, with 256 to 231 votes by telenovela fans on this blog.

487 voters in 3 days! That was splendid and indicative of the yearnings of fans on this blog for something similar to that here. J.Lo has since then given birth to a set of bouncing twins, and Beyonce has walked to the altar with her long-time heartthrob, famed rapper Jay-Z.

To you female fans out there, we are about to showcase you to the world! I want to expose your 'photogenic talents' (as my husband would call it), to one million pairs of eyes visiting our new teleovela love stories blog on a monthly basis.

I am introducing "MISS TELENOVELA" PHOTO PAGEANT on our newly improved mega telenovela website soon. Our partners in this drive have started looking for corporate sponsors to award the ultimate monthly winner, cash and gift prizes worth over 70,000 Naira (Over 600 Dollars).

Visitors and fans would vote on the most beautiful decent portrait sent in, by anyone who enters the photo pageant. I believe, if in 3 days we had almost 500 voters, we would get thousands, if not tens of thousands of voters for the month-long Miss Telenovela Photo Pageant. Every month we would repeat the competition for fresh faces.

From the month of May, which is just some 10 days away, when the new website would be unveiled to the internet public, we would begin to receive your portraits and post them on the new site for fans to vote on the best photo. We would publish the rules of free participation that would guide the competition soon. We would also set cookies that would drastically prevent fraudsters who may want to vote more than once for any of the bevy of ladies that would be participating in the competition.

I consider this as my little contribution to push our hidden talents unto a global scale as this competition would be one of its kind in the world, not just in Africa. To you 'girls' out there, giggle and be ready to be "Picked Up" for good.

Meanwhile, we have re-positioned the summaries of the Second Chance telenovela. Go to: full story of Second Chance, El Cuerpo del Deseo our new mega telenovela website to read it there.

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