Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So Long, Story-Story dot Com

telenovela trafficThis morning, I said a final good bye to our secondary blog - STORY-STORY dot Com website, by way of permanently redirecting all traffic of fans and curious visitors from there to our new mega telenovela blog.

With over 72,000 visitors in five months and 486,794 page views, it was natural to feel nostalgic, after all, it was like a baby nurtured to maturity and had to leave the warm bosom of her parents, for a distant sojourn in a higher college.

That Blog hosted only one telenovela story out of our five telenovela stories, and that story was the SECOND CHANCE (El Cuerpo del Deseo). In 4 months since November, the blog commanded the undulating web waves. Hitting page 1, number 1, out of 22.6 million search results (SERPS) in Google, bringing awesome traffic of visitors to read the refreshing stories of 're-incarnated' Don Pedro Donoso.

It was quite painful to break with all our advertisers on that blog, but we had to do it in order to re-position the blog for greater social goals, as we move to a professionally branded telenovela mega site (still under construction by my husband).

I thank the CNN, Wall Street Journal WSJ, BBC, New York Times NYT, AP, and so many other numerous 3rd party advertisers that syndicated news content and other adverts through the blog. I assure you that when we would have fully re-positioned the blog, there shall be a future fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship between us.

I got a big good news from one of the big mobile phone operators yesterday who have assured us of their commitment as sponsor of part of our activities on the new mega site, whenever it is ready. That means telenovela fans can begin to enjoy free gifts of mobile phones when they win any of our competitions that would be staged on the new mega telenovela website.

Another good news... in fact two great news! A great fan of this telenovela blog has started a new telenovela blog, called People's Telenovela dot TV, and she has translated over 50 episodes of "La Heredera" (The Heiress), where the 'Romeo and Juliet' of Telenovela tube (Sergio Basanez and Silvia Navarro - Paloma & Diego)starred. I was to have posted the story in December 2006, but was carried off after two snippets, by another entertainment wave in another direction.

On our new website, I also, with the help of some well-wishers, would start "NUNCA TE DIRE ADIOS" (I'll Never Say Goodbye), for your reading pleasures... This is a tip of the novelatainment iceberg coming for you in the next days and months.

Thank you all. Happy Novelatainment!

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