Friday, May 02, 2008

35,000 Telenovela Fans, 220,000 Pages In April

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Apparently a telenovela revival has broken out both on the web and in our African continent! In the month of April, across our telenovela blog networks, 35,395 visitors registered their presence, reading over 220,501 pages of snippets and episode summaries. This was't our best, but it is better than any result since November last year to date.

The entralling but epileptic show of Marrio Comaro's epic, SECOND CHANCE - El Cuerpo del Deseo, by Africa Independent television - AIT TV, pushed many telenovela lovers unto the web, seeking for websites that published the synopsis or reviews of the full stories and they found us ready, and waiting since November last year. (You know, the audience is not homogeneous, European soccer freaks are different from telenovela fans).

This spark of revival would graduate this new month (May 2008), into a conflagration, as three new telenovela stories reviews ravage the web. I know of (TE DIRE ADIOS - I'LL NEVER SAY GOOD BYE) and (DAME CHOCOLATE - GIVE ME CHOCOLATE), which according to my husband, would be "unleashed" on our Mega telenovela Blog. I also know of (LA HEREDERA - THE HEIRESS), which has begun serialization by Biola on her People's Telenovela Blog.

'Prophetically' speaking to the telenovela 'congregation' and 'church' on the web (have fun, and don't be too serious with this), the month of May shall be a deluge of telenovela celebration, as these shows rave reviews are read accross the web, bringing entertainment without measure into the homes and offices.

Last month did not flicker out without its temptations too. Some 'big guys' approach me to collaborate to help bring these entertainment in a great dimension to you fans. I pushed my husband out of his normal routine trainings and SEO consultations to negotiate 'man-to-man' with them.

Apparently, they had another motive in mind. I had to tell him to break off relationship with them, after discovering that they wanted to appropriate my 20 months telenovela labour as theirs. We did not climb to become the third most popular indigenous website in Nigeria, after Nairaland Forum and Punch Newspapers for nothing.

Yes, I know of many of my friends and blogging colleagues, who sold their blogs last year for prizes ranging from $20,000 and above. Those friends could not match my labor and traffic results. If I must sell my blog, (pls don't be afraid, I ain't selling anything now), I know I would sell higher than those figures.

But to come to me in the guise of partnership and begin to tell me to yank off my name and contact address from my own blog, because you want to be my partner (not a buyer), is not morally admisible! That is a fox and usurper in sheep's clothing. My take on this for them: "TECHNOLOGY PLUS JOURNALISM MINUS PASSION IS NOT EQUAL TO SUCCESSFUL BLOGGING"! That is a recipe for failure!!!

Happy and prosperous new month of May. One of my friends call it a month of MUST! Saying that our lives must move out of uncertainties to divine certainty. I agreed with that! See you soon, friends. You Bet.

If you have noticed a new theme and design on our new mega blog, this is just the begining, wait to see what comes up in the next few weeks when all things would be ready... he he hee!

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