Thursday, April 24, 2008

Breaking News: Kiyosaki Becomes A Blogger!

Robert KiyosakiATTENTION: For those of you seeking to read the summary of the full story of SECOND CHANCE, EL CUERPO DEL DESEO Telenovela, visit the new site map at: New MEGA TELENOVELA BLOG. I have been recently bombarded by deluge of requests by close to 50 letters daily, from SECOND CHANCE telenovela fans, asking for where to find the full story.

Now, here is the breaking news: I was quite amused to see the 'footprints' of my multi-millionaire mentor, Robert Kiyosaki, author of that famos book- "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" on my blog yesterday.

When I investigated further, I found out that he just started a personal blog last week Wednesday, 16th April 2008, with a tale of his two fabled Rich and Poor Dads.

"ROBERT has left a new comment on your post "So Long, Story-Story dot Com": Good Day,I,ve search for those who read RICHDAD books, I saw that you already did and I Thank you for that. I would like invite you to read some of my posts about my current views..Thank you."

This is a great opportunity to those of you who long for practical ideas for financial success, (not the kind of Forex lectures without treasures, being peddled by some internet predators out here in Nigeria).

There are 6,200 blogger fans of the RICH DAD POOR DAD on blogspot and I guessed he is rapidly networking with them with his new Rich DaD blog. I am happy to be one of the first contacts he networked with. That was obviously because, we run a very successful telenovela blog here, thanks to you all telenovela fans out there.

In 2004 I, along with my husband launched a RICH DAD CLUB in Opebi, Ikeja, in the heart of Lagos. After reading his liberating book, I began to practice the principles therein. The mistake many 'dreamers' made is that Nigeria and African local economies are far different from American setting, what Robert Kiyosaki preached has no direct bearing in our epileptic economy.

You can only creatively appropriate his principles to local situations here, like the stock market. There are no real estate system here to apply his formular. Some of our founding members in the RICH DAD CLUB, have progressed in their lives to other nations and even gone ahead to set up similar clubs in Muscat in Oman, and Dubai in UAE.

After the Holy Bible, the two other book that greatly influenced my life radically are: George Clason's "THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON" and Robert's "RICH DAD, POOR DAD" both of which I read in 2001. I had set a target of 10 years then to attain the explosive income envisaged by Kiyosaki. Seven years down the line, Kiyosaki connected with me through my blog, and I still have 3 years to Countdown. I am not doing badly at alllll!

The Lesson I learned from this is that, as the American Economy enters into a slow recession, many venture capitalists and dot Com investors would seek an outlet through emerging Asian and African markets like Nigeria. This smart investor is reaching out to network. Google latest quarterly Q1 revenue of over U$D 5 BILLON Dollars defied the recessionary American economy because of offshore earnings.

It is a pleasure ride to own a website or blog in this season. That is how to position oneself for the great oppotunities abounding in the current American economic tribulation. Internet entreprenurship (not Yahoo-Yahoo scam letters), can lift Nigeria out of her economic famine.


CashQuest said...

I visited your blog thru richdad as one of the blog that robert kiyosaki left a comment. Like you, I am equally ecstatic that we are one of the first contact he networked with.

Bay Area Mumpreneur blog was the first and you are the fourth. I am probably in the top 10 list too !

I can see it's a buzz here in TELENOVELA Blog. Great info blog and keep up the good work !

chioma said...

madam..pls I need to make money through blogging..pls tell me how..I need ideas cus as a stay at home mum ..i have some free time on my hands..If I need to pay for this information let me know how..God