Monday, May 12, 2008

New Telenovela Mega Blog Takes The Shine

Shakers and Movers on the Nigerian web spaceThe week that just ended saw a big leap in telenovela traffic to our new telenovela mega blog. The global tool for measuring websites' traffic popularity - ALEXA, showed that three new websites broke into the TOP 20 league in the indigenous Nigerian web space. Yours truly was the miracle and biggest web news according to ALEXA Charts for the past three weeks. I saw this on WEB EXPLOITS, and felt we should be proud to shout it loud:

The Three new web whizkids emerged in the last three weeks on the Nigerian scene. The first in the list of movers and shakers is Telenovela Love Stories, which leaped from 401,000 to 39,000 (15th position), followed by Naija E Cash, and a new forum based in U.K called New Nigerians, it is patterned after our Noble Nairaland Forum. How far the New Nigerians would go cannot be determined now, as people felt it was just a carbon-copy of Nairaland. The web has a way of punishing duplicates though... NewNigerians, Naijaecash and are the three new web whizkids emerging on the web space.

Soaring Telenopvela Traffic VSoaring Telenovela Traffic VI

This is good news that we must not rest on, until we become numero uno site with 5 million page views monthly (or daily LOL) ... There are 2 Billion people out there on the globe who daily watch telenovela drama on television ... Nigeria is no exception to this new trend. The plausible reason for the successes of Telenovela Blogging is because, there are less than five English language blogs out there (what a vacuum), and there are over 3,000+ great telenovela soaps.

Telenovela Surge IIITelenovela Surge IV

Of the 2 Billion Watchers of telenovela soap opera, about 1 Billion are online. So if 1 Billion people are searching for telenovela stories to read, there are few choices beside the five notable blogs of which we are number one.

How I wish more gifted writers and passion-ladden bloggers would join me in starting a telenovela fire on the web that would warm up every of the 1 billion telenovela fans online. The harvest is indeed plenteous, but I am praying for more telenovela harvesters to help with this great burden to serve delicious telenovela menus.


NaijaEcash - Nigerian Entrepreneur said...

Congratulations! to Telenovela Mega Blog. That is a good one.

Also, I wish to say thanks a million. You've done a great job by commending the effort of small Naija brothers and sisters trying to make a difference online.

We do appreciate your effort. Cheers.

naijabloggers said...

Its a great thing you have been doing. I stumbled on your blog two years ago when when sister was pressing me to get the full story of a particular telenovela for them then.

Congrats on your alexa rank.

Dan said...

Congratulations !!!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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AfroMerry said...

Ok, what happened to this blog? Read this story and check to see your latest post but saw the blog has been inactive for about a year now.