Saturday, May 24, 2008

Equipment Hall: Living A Dollar-Denominated Lifestyle In A Nairaland

EQUIPMENT HALLI was quite amazed last week when I went to renew my internet connections with my ISP, STARCOMMS. I found out that since the beginning of the month of May, Equipment Hall had partnered with Starcomms to bring you and I closer to the fortune present on the Internet 'gold mine'. Hold it, and hear from me, I investigated and found out that they are one of the most credible player in Nigeria's IT industry.

It is a season of promo. Suddenly, the frenzy to make money is no longer the exclusive preserve of Forex seminars scammers and MLM 'gurus'. Nowadays we see newspapers joining the ‘Want-To-Be-A-Millionaire’ bandwagon, in order to save their once flourishing circulation from extinction. They are promising to make weekly and monthly millionaires out of you and I, that is, if we buy their papers daily (that is a minimum monthly budget of =N=3,000). No wonder the gsm originator of that millionaire program has begun to fight back, to prevent her trademark from being hijacked by 'get-rich-quick' imitators.

EQUIPMENT HALL - Most Credible IT PlayerI have always refused the lure of easy money through lottery and gambling. Over 200,000 Lagosians pay =N=100 (one hundred Naira only) daily, to play lottery in the pitiable hope that with that sum, they might win 1,000 times what they had ‘invested’. Let me show you a better investment than lotto and newspapers.

This is where the opportunity partnership between Starcomms and Equipment Hall come to the rescue. That partnership is prepared to give you a brand new DELL laptop connected to the internet through (EVDO Broadband and Starcomms One), for prices worth about TEN THOUSAND NAIRA MONTHLY for the next 12 months!

DELL Notebook from Equipment HallThe 80GB HHD, 1GB RAM, 1.8GH Speed DELL laptop connected to EVDO for FREE 120 hours in 60 days would cost you =N=127,000 (One hundred and twenty seven thousand Naira only), if you want to pay all at once. The other option is DELL plus Starcomms One, and it costs =N=118,500 (One hundred and eighteen thousand, five hundred Naira only), if you want to pay at once.

My joy however lies in the pleasant offer by Equipment Hall, when I made phone calls to enquire, and was told that there is a flexible (instalmental) payment. Upon paying the initial deposit of =N=25,000 (Twenty five thousand Naira only) you would only have to pay a little below or above =N=10,000 (Ten thousand Naira only) monthly, to become a proud owner of a DELL laptop from this moment, till you finish payment in 12 months time!

I am a dutiful housewife and devoted family woman. After I left teaching in 2003, I never knew I could live a Dollar-denominated lifestyle in a Naira-denominated land. (I saw Dollars only when my brothers and sisters abroad sent me one during Christmas, and that, not every Christmas o). For more than two years now, I have been tweaking the keyboard. When I ventured into blogging as inspired by my husband and mentor, Aderemi Ojikutu, I never knew I could earn so much online with my writing skill and passion unleashed online.

The combination of Starcomms and Equipment Hall could trigger similar blessings for the blogging and telenovela community on this blog. That is why I am excited to alert you about this offer and opportunity. If you subscribe to the Starcomms/Equipment Hall offer, you could be on your way to a 5-figure annual earnings (in Dollars) like me. My domiciliary bank account proves that over the last 12 months. The internet is an information gold mine, and a solid laptop offered by Equipment Hall, and internet connection by Starcomms, is an unbeatable combination that could make that wish (dream) come true!

If you want more details, you can go right away and press phone buttons 01-8797501 or 0702-8098-512 ask for Abiba or Bimbo for further details. OR you hit your keyboard right away and write to:

If you are the seeing is believing type, you can take a bus or a drop to visit Equipment Hall at 2, FirstAvenue, Ismail Estate, Maryland, Lagos.

For our Port Harcourt telenovela and blogging fans, (believe me, Port Harcourt [3,788 fans] is the 3rd most popular internet telenovela city in Nigeria, after Lagos [14,391 fans] and Abuja [9,052 fans], where telenovela fans come from). Port Harcourt address of Equipment Hall is: Suite 3, Chief Aguma Street, Ogbunabali, Port Harcourt. The Port Harcourt Phone Numbers are 084-230447 and 084-57388

Other product catalogue by Equipment Hall includes: Desktop computers, Display Screens (monitors of various brands), Flash Drives of various capacities, Hand held devices like PDAs, Hard Drives (Both desktop and laptop), Memory card devices of various capacities, Notebooks (laptops of various brands), PC Accessories like: Keyboards, Mice, Trackpads, Laptop Bags etc, Portable sized printers, office PSCs. Various types of Dell projectors at varying resolutions, Server machines, Workstations, XPS Gaming Machines (Dell systems customized for gamers).

How I dearly wish that the promo could be extended for another month, till June ending. But for you who know how to sniff out opportunities, the door is still opened, head straight for EQUIPMENT HALL.

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