Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gulder Ultimate Search V: 2 Days To GO!

Nigeria's Premier TV reality show is running to a close of registration for the Gulder Ultimate Search V in the next two days, closing on Saturday 21st 2008. This is one other TV program that crazily got fanatics and large following after Telenovela in Nigeria isThe Gulder Ultimate Search The Season V is here now, You know the rules, if not, quickly visit The Gulder Ultimate Search Season V website for the details:

  • Thou must be aged between 21 to 30 years.
  • Thou must possess demonstrable skills in vital areas like endurance, confident, strength, physical and health fitness, etc
  • Thou must have carefully read through and agree to the terms and agreement of participation
  • Thou must fill out the online-entry form and upload your recent photograph online unto the space on the form. As well as download and read carefully the Terms and Conditions form while awaiting your qualification or selection to be sent to you by email within 24 hours of filling and submitting the form.
  • Thou must not forget that one of your two referees must be your parent, and also a reputable member of the society.
  • Thou must not engage in double registration, else thou shall be disqualified.
This time around, the candidates and 'soldiers' of 7 million Naira fortune would be searching for a lost CHRONICLE in jungles and mysterious terrains. We pray that no mishap or tragedy shall befall the young seasrchers... Never again!


Anonymous said...

Am happy for contestant that were chosen but realy wish i was one of them but all ther same i wish u all te best of luck.looking foward to watch ur performances.

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