Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 232nd Independence Anniversary To America From Telenovela Love Garden!

What a way to open up the 7th month JULY (PERFECTION). Today marks the 232nd independence Anniversary of the United States of America. The bulk of the 25 million Nigerians in the Diaspora are located in God's own country, and I know as we celebrate this holiday with America, we are celebrating it with our kinsmen and women yonder.

I choose to celebrate this anniversary because, I am a netpreneur. America is the land of free enterprise. Despite the gridlock of poverty in Nigeria, the commercial internet, which America gave birth to, about 16 years ago, opened up the gate of financial freedom to me four years ago and I have never looked back since then.fireworks of American independence anniversaryToday many gifted writers, intellectuals and journalists, still languish in lack because they are not yet opened up to the explosive power of the internet.

The internet is the truest expression of Freedom (either of speech or of choice). I am immensely grateful to God for the day I found the intellectual treasure which the internet represent to humanity. Nigeria is still in slumber on the web, blogging and search engine optimization is still 'greek' to corporate Nigeria. The problem here is not just about declaring 'power emergency' in the electricity sector, but we need to also declare 'knowledge emergency'. How can you be truly wealthy, when you wallow in, and celebrate digital ignorance, in this new millennium.

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To our American friends and brothers and sisters in the diaspora, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY!

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