Monday, June 16, 2008


MTN: MISS NOTHING!You know that my two passions are telenovela blogging and making money, and two things that struck a responsive chord caught my fancy this morning, and I chose to bring it to your reading and curious investigating pleasure.

I was browsing through my mails on Yahoo! this morning and caught a glimpse of MTN "MISS MOTHING!" advertisement. This is novel and would go a long way to push the frontiers of infotainment for the 10.5 million internet users from Nigeria.

The First Bank was until recently the only corporate player that advertises consistently through Yahoo! MTN MISS MOTHING campaign would bring pleasure to you from the web to the confines of your palms even while you are on the move, not necessarily when you are seated in your office or home.

MTN: SME ASSIST SCHEMEAll those telenovela and other soap operas you missed either because you are held up in the traffic in Lagos megacity or you were indispensably absent from the TV room can now be watched, as it were, ONLINE through the MTN Miss Nothing Campaign. How I wish that all the Second Chance telenovela El Cuerpo del Deseo episodes which most of you had missed would be recorded and watched through this MTN MISS NOTHING campaign!

Nevertheless, you can read all (full story), of the episode snippets from our Mega Telenovela Entertainment Blog.

These days, MTN has gone deeply into corporate governance by providing capital for entrepreneurs to start small and medium scale businesses through her MTN SME ASSIST Programe. A click on those two MTN images above would lead you directly to read more about the pleasurable offers.

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