Friday, May 30, 2008

Spending Honeymoon: Beyonce-J.Z Way!

I love Beyonce beyond your imagination. But when she got hooked up with rapper J.Z, I had to adjust my affection to accommodate him too. The last 12 months have been a racy matrimonial one, as the impossible has become 'the possibles', stars whom you would never imagine would ever settle down have been doing so with an amazing speed.

Not only that, they are all getting pregnant and giving birth to babies, twins, and so on... J.Lo, braced the tape and others followed.It's so sweet to watch Beyonce and her husband (Courtesy OMG Yahoo!) enjoying their honeymoon at the Monaco Grand Prix. The next news about them is to go the baby-boomer way. Over to you guys, let's see the bulging tummy, (like telenovela actress Gaby Espino) and thank God for baby cries. Don't return from Monaco empty. Be full Be filled!!! (lol)

Fresh and radiant, wish them a blissful matrimony.

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