Saturday, August 23, 2008

EPISODE 1 – Pilot

Join Me in appreciating Tosin Emmanuel. I call her 'the Nigerian Betty' (LOL).

For some time now you would have noticed that she took the UGLY BETTY Project with vigour, and she has revived our telenovela blog here by spicing El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) Telenovela with UGLY betty revolution.

Tosin is an outstanding blogging scholar, a product of our BLOGGING TO THE BANK SEMINARS. She is one great woman with a style and and zeal that gets the job done! Mark my words, she has carved an enviable pathway to counting wads of Dollars and Nairas with her passionate writing gifts.

No wonder, my web business partner from California who recently visited Nigeria showed a keen interest in her amazing writing talents. TOSIN would go places, wait until her overflowing testi"monies" begin to explode on your screen soon.

Once again, help me to welcome Mrs. Tosin Emmanuel, soon-to-be Work-At-Home-Mom, blogger and prolific writer, as she blessed us with the reveiws, and serialization of the 'ugly revolution', the most popular and globally acclaimed UGLY BETTY TELENOVELA:

Hear Tosin Speak:
"Ugly Betty is a movie you will love the moment you start reading this episodes. It's plot is quite different from the usual telenovela that we are used to but I assure you that you'll fall in love with the character - Betty. I must warn you though, an episode of this movie consist of six chapters - equivalent to 6 episodes of a normal telenovela. Enjoy it...


Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for this new post, it promise to be worth the time and effort. looking forward to seeing this telenovela. thanks ang God bless you.yhemmsy

Tosin Emmanuel said...

Thanks for your comments. You are indeed right! This telenovela version is beautifully plotted as to keep you intrigued, interested and truly entertained. In America and other parts of the world where Ugly Betty has been aired, they couldn't just stop talking about it. Stay tuned.