Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ugly Betty, The Box and The Bunny

Snippet 7

Guest Stars for this episode are: Lucy Davis (Fashion TV hostess) , Scottie Thompson (Photo Editor), Cicely Daniels (Zelda), Ava Gaudet (Gina Gambarro) , Sarah Jones (II) (Natalie Whitman)

Ugly Betty was back to Mode and she had a BIG smile on her face as she walked through the corridor to her office carrying a box to her desk. She placed the box on her desk and took out various personal decorative items and arranged them on her desk. Her colleagues looked on from across a transparent glass that divided their office and hers and were laughing.

The last item to be placed on her desk was a pink and green stuffed bunny, wearing a mortarboard and holding a certificate in its paw. Betty placed the bunny and facing the same direction as her PC. Marc walked towards her and on seeing the bunny, he stopped, closed his eyes and opened them again before moving towards her desk. “Great bunny”, he said with a fake smile on his face. “Ah! Thank you, my sister gave that to me when I graduated from Queens’ College”, said Betty.

Marc said “Ah! One of America’s best value colleges” and Betty said “Yeah! That’s the one”. Betty told him that it’s like her good luck charm and here she was where she always wanted to be - magazine publishing. He congratulated her for her accomplishment and for personalizing her desk, saying it was so different and “so you”.

Wilhelmina called Marc away with a sharp tone of voice. Betty looked up and saw Daniel through the large glass window that divided his office and hers. He was on the phone as he beckoned Betty into his office.

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