Friday, August 08, 2008

Justin Timberlake - A Star’s Down-To-Earth Trait

There is something about Justin Timberlake that I’d like to share with telenovela lovers. I know most of us are lovers of the entertainment world (b’cos that’s our niche). I'm a fan of Timberlake since NSYNC, I espcially love their song titled 'This I promise You' from the album 'No String Attached'.

I took special interest in him because of his mannerism and way of life in the real world (sorry, I'm not going to discuss his personal life here), which is somewhat different from what is expected of a successful pop musician like him.

I mean, he has been successful since the time of NSYNC but still remains his humble self.
Just to share the lastest two of his (I think genuine) characteristics. Before now, this guy said he had not used scent for a decade. Why? Because he realized he wanted to smell like himself and not something else.

News has it that it took a lot of persuasion to get him to agree to making a deal with Givenchy.

His signature scent ‘Play’, which has a fresh scent fragrance, was launched in Paris in June this year.

Want to hear the latest?

Recently, he revealed that he grooms his hair by himself.

This fact humbles me.

Hello? This is JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, an Award winning artiste!

Reasons? He prefers cutting his hair himself rather than spending hundreds of dollars on grooming and also, he does not want to indulge in unnecessarily beauty routine just to feel good about his appearance.

He hoped that revealing his down-to-earthiness will prove that he is more real than other celebrities.

Want to hear his parting comment? I quote: “I don't like divas and I don't want to be one. People have a perception that I might be that way."

This news has caused a lot of argument between my colleagues and I, dividing us into three opinion groups.

The first group (which I belonged to) agreed that he is real to have remained himself even after money and fame came. We feel this should be appreciated and emulated by other celebrities.

The second group said, What? He is only pretending (you know) trying to play the role model, and that he’ll soon get bored of it.

The third group said, Men? This guy’s problem is stinginess.

So, there you go Telenovela Lovers, what do you think?

Some of you probably know about Justin Timberlake more than these debaters (I'm not saying anything more).
Share your own opinion with us. (pictures courtesy of


Anonymous said...

I would like to endorse the stand of the first group. Money, that tinted thing is useful, but it should not make us crazy. Anyone that has it and still remain sane is to be emulated. One is aware of how too much money to early has made some characters lose their sens of proportions. Do I hear you say Michael Jackson? EAO

Tosin Emmanuel said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, I quite agree with you. Too many Stars who made early are today a copy of something different from their real self just to keep up with the traditions of the world.
I admire his strength of character and I think other celebrities should take cue from him. It pays to be real.

Anonymous said...

Dear Philomena
Hope you are doing well. I ask if possible to send me the episode summary of the following Telenovela - Darating Ang Umaga - Till morning comes.

Aderemi Ojikutu said...

Thank you Tosin, for this fantastic post on Timberlake. I have been neck-deep in receptions and meetings with our telenovela partner and web mogul, Mr. Toyin Dawodu, who came from California in an investment tour of Nigeria, that is why We (Philomena and I), have been offline for quite some time now.

Thank you for standing in the telenovela gap for us. Now we are back, expect more fireworks from this site!!!


Tosin Emmanuel said...


It's nice to hear from you again.