Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fabia Cosmetics Glory For Ugly Betty

Snippet 6

Ugly Betty asked Daniel what he was doing at her house and he said he wanted to talk to her.

Daniel apologized to Betty about the way he treated her, that she did not deserve what he had put her through. Betty appreciated the apology, but pointed out the fact that she was still out of work, and dealing with problems that Daniel would never be able to understand.

Daniel told Betty in confidence that he lost his brother a while back, who was the good one and that he still feels he'll never be able to measure up to what his brother was.

He then told Betty that he saw her idea for the Fabia supplement and he thought it was smart and beautiful. He asked to take the idea to Fabia, giving Betty credit, and giving Betty her old job back. He promised her that things would different if she came back.

Betty was confused and said that she need time to think about his offer. He told her that she had the night to make up her mind because he'll probably be out of the job himself by the next morning. Daniel then left without saying another word.

Ignacio, Betty's father, came in through the back door saying he heard every word.

The next morning at the conference room, Bradford, Wilhelmina and Fabia were waiting for Daniel. Wilhelmina got up, apologized to Fabia, and was about to present her own ideas to her when Daniel and Betty’s arrival cut her off. He apologized for being late and started his presentation immediately. He told Fabia that he is presenting the rough idea due to lack of time for a photo shoot. Betty set the laptop on the table, and accidentally clicked on the wrong photo showing a picture of her and Walter eating hotdogs, that amused Wilhelmina and Marc.

Daniel then started his presentation, talking about the concept of Mothers and Daughters as a selection of pictures were shown of Betty as a child with her own mother. The pictures show typical childhood scenes of riding bikes, cooking, pinning clothes – the small special moments that were usually taken for granted. The final image was of Betty trying on lipstick in the mirror while her mother watched.

Fabia asked why this concept would appeal to her customers, and Betty (bailed Daniel out) explained the statistics, and analytical data that if mothers use Fabia cosmetics there was a high possibility that their daughters would continue with that tradition. Fabia agreed to the concept even without a photo shoot!

Bradford congratulated Daniel, and when he tried to give the credit to Betty, she jumped in to say the idea was his best one. Wilhelmina also congratulated him sarcastically. Daniel and Betty were happy with their achievement.

Wilhelmina went to see a woman in a darkly lit room, this strange woman was reclining on a chair (that look like the one dentists use), and her face and body were covered with cloth. Only her eyes are visible. She said she was unhappy, but Wilhelmina said it was only a setback, that once “he is out of the picture’ (I assume she was referring to Daniel) the company will be theirs for the taking. She told Wilhelmina that considering the way every thing played out, they should keep an eye on that ‘damn’, ‘ugly’ assistant. She asked for her name and Wilhelmina told her it was Betty.

When Wilhelmina called Betty's name, then Gina was shown calling Betty’s name, then Amanda, then Walter, and finally Daniel who called her over to the car he was standing by on the street. Betty was standing outside the building with Christina thanking her for everything as she was leaving.

Daniel asked Betty why she did not let him tell his father that the idea was hers, she said he should not worry that she would let him next time. Daniel then thanked her. She started reminding him of the next day’s appointments but he interrupted and told her that it was okay, that it could wait till the next day.

The lady waiting for Daniel in the car coughed and Daniel said good night to Betty. He watched as she crossed the road in front of him, smiling. She tripped before continuing across the road with a big smile on her face.

Make it a date with me next week as we continue to enjoy this story, have a wonderful weekend!

"Sure, Tosin, we would!"

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