Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's A Draw For Ugly Betty

Snippet 5

Tosin Emmanuel told us of how Ugly Betty was humiliated one day, and was honored the next day by the same man who humiliated her yesterday. This episode also revealed how the secret enemies of daniel scored a revenge goal against him, a goal which humbled him and made him running for help from ugly Betty whom he had despised before now. The telenovela scores are even now, this is getting lnteresting...

Ugly Betty did not let him say a word. She told him that that was what he wanted – to humiliate her until she quit because he did want to work with the Ugly girl his father forced on him. She congratulated him that he succeeded in doing just that.

Daniel watched as she left, he looked guilty and upset.

The next morning, Betty's was sitting on the front steps of her house at Queens, and Justin, her nephew brought a cup of chamomile tea for her. Justin apologized to betty for her job not working out, and said that his mom (Hilda) wished Betty would be more realistic, and said that jobs like that don't happen for people like them. But Justin said he disagrees with her.

Just then, Betty heard noises coming from Gina’s apartment and saw through her window that she was making out with a guy. She promptly handed the cup of tea to Justin, marched to Gina’s doorsteps and stormed into the house. She told Gina that it was unfair, living two doors down the street and that she could see them from her house. When Gina pulled back from the guy, he was not Walter. When Betty asked where Walter was, she said it was over between them after he gave her 30 percent discount off the Plasma TV. Betty then realized that Gina used Walter. She slammed the door as she left and the effect on the wall made the Plasma fall to the ground damaged.

Back to Mode, Fabia was in the conference room (accompanied by her small dog) with Philip, Wilhelmina, Marc and Daniel. Daniel (confidently) played the slide show of the pictures taken at the photo shoot; the accident scene – showing crashed burning cars, models posing as dead bodies, Police, ambulance and medics all dressed in leather outfits.

Fabia stopped the slideshow and asked if it was a joke and Daniel replied that it wasn’t. She shouted that all the photographs were "Stupid" and threw a handful of sweets at Daniel. She stormed out of the meeting very angry. Daniel was shocked and asked what happened. Marc took pleasure in explaining to him that about a month ago, Fabia backed her SUV car into 12 people and had not gotten over it yet.

Daniel was surprised that no one had told him about this; even Philip said he was not aware of this. Wilhelmina responded to Daniel’s complain by saying that he didn't include her in the concept and that she thought he knew what he was doing.

(Wilhelmina, Marc & Philip deliberately planned to sabotage Daniel’s effort by keeping this info away from him. If only, he had listened to Betty, who had gathered info about Fabia to assist him.)

Daniel knew just then that he was in BIG trouble.

His father Bradford Meade (while exercising) told Daniel that Fabia was not just considering canceling the Mode supplement but she that she wanted to withdraw her adverts from all Meade publications. He asked why Daniel did not carry anyone along on his idea. Daniel explained that the reason why he didn't confer with anyone else was because he had strong feelings that Wilhelmina was trying to sabotage him. He apologized to his father for letting him down and begged to be given another chance that he would to come up with something else by the next morning to fix the damage.

Wilhelmina was in bed when she received a call from Marc that Daniel was still trying to contact her. She asked if Daniel had any problem understanding that she was unavailable. Just then Philip, who had been in bed with her showed up with glasses of champagne to celebrate their victory. Wilhelmina told Philip that if Daniel had come to her earlier, she still would have sabotaged him. They toasted, Wilhelmina said to team-work and Philip said to revenge. (remember Daniel slept with his girlfriend) They sipped the wine and kissed.

Daniel was in his office, trying to come up with a new concept for Fabia. He had thrown photos all over the table and floor. Then, he closed a large binder from which he viewing photos, and saw Betty's concept lying underneath it in. He took the folder and started looking through the pictures.

In the Suarez house, another telenovela was showing of the TV and Betty’s father, Ignacio, was in an apron, standing in the living room watching, he then moved to the kitchen where Betty was on the phone talking to someone about her father’s prescription (he had a heart condition and needed to take pills which Betty couldn’t pay for at that time). She hanged up the phone when she was told to hold on again. Betty's father thanked her for being so good to him and for helping him out.

Someone knock on the door and Betty opened to see Walter. He apologized for dumping her, saying he made a terrible mistake. Betty asked him when he realized it, before or after Gina dumped him. He said he broke up with her because he realized it was wrong and wanted to make it up to her. He was cut off by Daniel’s arrival (the door was still opened all this time) and on seeing Daniel, Walter accused Betty of dating Daniel; she ignored him and asked him to leave.

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