Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin And "Ugly Betty"

little Sarah PalinI am most grateful to my wife, Philomena, who sent me this comparative pix of our darling Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, (Republican VP nominee), as she compares favorably with the thrilling telenovela character - Ugly Betty, starring America Ferrera.

From the obscurity of small town Wasila, bespectacled Governor Sarah Palin rose to become the "ASSISTANT" to Senator McCain. Ugly Betty too followed a similar pattern: from the humble family background, Ugly Betty rose to the position of ASSISTANT to the Daniel Meade of the MODE fashion magazine.Ugly Betty The striking similarity did not end there, Ugly Betty was the miracle behind the revival and success of Mode magazine after the 'death' of the erstwhile editor, Fey Sommers.

Governor Sarah Palin has brought an unending enthusiasm and irreversible revival to the lack-luster presidential campaign of John McCain.Bespectacled Sarah Palin She has injected and electrified the sagging fortunes of the Republican Party with the ingenuity of ordinary Americans who have revolted in this year of change and new beginnings, against every make-believe manipulation of typical politicians.

Ugly Betty had this granny goggle behind which lain one of the smartest brains of the corporate fashion industry. Though the beginning of Sarah Palin may be ugly and rough, with Barak Obama & co looking to dig a political pitfall for her, but behind her bespectacled visage is one dynamic and intelligent mother that would save America from prostrate political cancer which the last 8 years of Bush administration has ran hit aground.

I am happy that what was 'stolen' by the "Obamista Change Revolution", from Hillary has been restored by Sarah Palin, who is an epitome of real change. I shed tears twice in the last two weeks, each at the national convention of the two parties, Denver and Minnesota.

When Hillary Clinton rose to deliver her historic speech. The tumultuous sea of white placards bearing her name that ushered and welcome her to the podium made me to ask with a tear-soaked voice, "... and all these for a defeated candidate? Then, who won the primaries?"

Gov Sarah PalinAt the Republican Convention, I could not bear it any longer when I heard the frenzied chants of USA! USA!! USA!!! by the delegates. I cracked into tears for my motherland Nigeria. The pure fervor and patriotism of the chanting delegates moved me to ask: "... when will dedicated men and women arise with similar patriotic fervor to save Nigeria?"

I believe in merit and excellence. That was why I supported a female presidential candidate - Juliet Southey-Cole, against a male (papa Chris) in the students union elections of over two decades ago in Unilag. The phenomenal emergence of Sarah Palin evokes similar and memorable emotion for excellence and merit which I believe she would bring to bear on the American elections. Memories that wont go, of articulate Ngozi Iwere (nee Ojidoh), former fiery PRO of National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS in 1982! Epitome courage and spartan discipline, from Bayero University, Kano (BUK). Hail!

I salute the system that could throw up this ordinary woman to the stage of history for accomplishing extra-ordinary things for the destiny of her nation. If this 44 year old woman knew she would be in the limelight today, maybe she would not have taken in 13 months ago and gave birth 4 months ago.

She was just a normal mother and wife, and the least of all Governors in the U.S.A, her State, Alaska, is the 47th among the 50 federating American states. Some people here in Nigeria crookedly prepare all their lives, with ambitions running high, to become governors, ministers and presidents. It is not so with Sarah, destiny just thrust this sweet and great responsibility on her shoulder.

Don't get me wrong, I love Obama and respect him. My sympathies are with the Democratic Party. But the last ten years in America has witness the rise of bipartisanship. That is why the last two elections won by bush were almost disputable narrow margins. the swing independent voters tip the balance and they would also tip the balance of this election on November 4 too, in favor of Sarah Palin.


Anonymous said...

Well, I like the accolade on Gov. SP and I wish her luck. However, if the votes swing the way of the Republicans come Nov. 4, the little I know of USA, in spite of their mad chanting of change, is that the votes would be for McCain, although he may thank Palin for making him more marketable than he could have been. The sexism some women are blaming the Democrats for is still there in America with a dose of racism - no matter the cover. Whatever happens Obama has made his history, so has Palin, even Hillary too. That history will be completed in the future, not now! Of course, I would be happy to be proved wrong. EAO

Tania said...

Sarah palin is not like betty pinzon solano or like her American sister in that respect
Betty is clean transparent innocent honest
Palin in anything but honest
Betty understand the feminine
Palin is a man with a Vagina and if people vote for palin just because she is a woman thats an insult to women because that reduces us to creatures that only think with our vaginas than our brains

Betty Won Armando with her Brains and her Heart

Sarah "Scrip"t Palin cant answer questions witout a script and when she ansers she is not brilliant at all

My simpathys are with the democratic party Im not a dye hard fan of Obama I was of hillary

However as a thinking woeman like the betty that Fernando Gaitan created I can see the big picture and can see that the republicas are playing with Women's wympathy's in using Sarah " not very bright" Palin

who ever wrote this piece with all do respect fails to see the true meaning of betty la fea and how the republicans once again manipulate and lie to the American public and how they underestimate our intelligence

Aderemi Ojikutu said...

@ Prof EAO:
thanks for your witty comment and your candid view of the true American stereotype. (sexism and a tinge of racism).

I am sticking to the historic firsts. BARAK OBAMA, HILLARY CLINTON and now, SARAH PALIN!!! By every metrics they are all historic firsts. that is perhaps the reason for my enthusiasm. The three of them thrill me in no small measure.

it's good to see somebody like you from BUK on our blog here. Ngozi (Ojidoh) Iwere was my heroine and a product of your noble university some 26 years ago. more grease to your elbow sir.

@Tania: Betty la fea is phenomenal both in deed and in actual skyrocketing sales figures for a telenovela movie. 14 languages and adaptations. over 1 billion viewers globally.

True, I may have failed to see what you call "Republican manipulation" but i am not blind to your overt and condescending caricarturization of Governor Sarah Palin.

You seem to prove EAO right in his comment above with the sexist tinge in your comment. I feel ashamed of your comment describing Governor Palin as a "man with a va****" I beg to disagree with you, tania.

Your biased view and judgement about Sarah's brilliance cannot even stand beside Obama's and Hillary Clinton's positive compliments and commendation for Governor Sarah Palin.

Then where are you? neither for Obama nor Hillary! Fernando Gaitan did the telenovela world a lot of good with the story of UGLY BETTY. Don't spoil our taste with your acidic comments about Sarah Palin.