Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Snippet 16 - Ugly Betty Came Through for Mode

The Senator Wilhelmina was expecting turned out to be her father. He looked round her office (Wilhelmina was obviously pleased with the face-lift she gave her office for this occasion and thought that he would be impressed) and remarked in a disappointed tone “So, you are still JUST the creative Director”. “Yes Daddy”, she answered in a not-too-confident voice.

While Daniel was discussion with Bianci on the concept he had it mind for the new Mode, Amanda was busy flirting with him. Bianci asked Amanda what her father did for a living now. She goofed again, saying he is a banker (non-chalantly). Daniel corrected her that he is an Investment Banker. She continued flirting with him and Daniel could take it any more - he let the cat out of the bag.

He apologized to Bianci and while he was still talking, he overheard Betty trying to convince one of the staff at the restaurant to allow her see her boss pointing in Daniel’s direction. He turned and saw that it was indeed Betty. Bradford remarked that he didn’t know why Daniel thought she wouldn’t fit-in. Daniel quickly saved the situation and introduced Betty to Bianci who told him that meeting him was an honour.

Daniel apologized to Bianci that their meeting happened the way it did but noted it’ll be great opportunity for both of them if he agreed to work for them. He also gave him his word that he’ll let Bianci have a free reign at the shooting.

Bianci, looking thoughtfully, told Daniel that he was nothing like his brother - Alex. Daniel answered in the affirmative looking less confident (he thought Bianci was not impressed), excused himself and left. Betty immediately bade Bianci farewell and left too.

They arrived at the office and Daniel once again apologized to Betty for thinking that she would not fit-in. Betty also apologized for backing-down.

Shortly after they arrived at the office, Bradford came in also and handed the proposal to Daniel – Bianci had agreed to work with them again. Daniel instructed Betty to send an e-mail to all staff in Creative Department informing them about it. Daniel then asked his father about the Bayonne Salvage yard but Bradford denied having any knowledge of it.

As soon as Wilhelmina saw the mail, she went nuts, breaking every breakable in her office – all that she instructed Marc to get to decorate her office (you should have seen her, she totally lost it – it was sooo funny). Marc quickly moved in to save the recently acquired expensive flower vase and flowers out of her reach.

Betty got home that night just in time for dinner. She was very happy at how the day eventually ended. She told her father and sister that Mode landed Vincent Bianci for their December spread because of her. Her father hugged her, telling her how proud he was of her. When Betty saw the look of resignation on her sister’s face, she told him that it was Hilda’s make-over that helped her and he included her in the embrace and said he was so proud of them both.

Justin turn on the Dance Revolution just then and Betty ignored dinner to join him in dancing to the demo on the TV screen. Hilda and her father also joined in dancing in the gentler waltz.

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