Saturday, September 20, 2008

Snippet 22 - Ugly Betty Celebrates Halloween

Marc, dressed like Betty, stood in front of Amanda’s desk saying “Hola! Happy Halloween” and every one reeled in laughter. They were cut short by Wilhelmina’s presence and she said “That's the absolute cruel thing I have ever seen” (Marc, was embarrassed while the others just pretended not to be there), then, she jokingly said it had earned him a raise.

At the Suarez house, Betty confronted her father about the social security issue (Ignacio had decorated the house with scary objects) but he cleverly evaded answering her. Justin dressed up as a sailor and performed a song for them. While Betty and Hilda were discussing about their father’s social security number, he was busy cutting through a pumpkin and pretended he had cut his hand, blood (fake) gushed out and he fell to the floor. His daughters just looked at him with this “you are up to one of your tricks” look. He cleverly changed the subject and Hilda said she was out, Betty left too but, not without telling her father to get to the HMO office to check things out.

Wilhelmina was just telling Marc about how she enjoyed her date with a younger man and that they were going to the Halloween ball that night. Just then it appeared on the Fashion TV, she was called a robber of the cradle. Wilhelmina watched with anger building up inside her. Marc tried to switch it off the flat screen to no avail; the poor thing had to remove the plug from the wall (to prevent Wilhelmina from breaking it into pieces like she usually does in moment of anger). She immediately told Marc to call her date (Jason) to tell him their date for that night was off (oops) and she irritatedly told Marc to take off the ridiculous costume as she could barely stand the original.

For the Halloween, Betty dressed to work as a butterfly. Walter waited for her on the streets and cut her with a net - he was dressed like an explorer. He presented with a pumpkin-like bucket of sweet or chocolates, maybe.

When Betty got to Mode she realized that she was the only one dressed in a costume. Daniel was surprised to see her in a costume. He had a difficult assignment for her: to find his wrist-watch which he forgot at a girlfriend’s apartment. Problem is, he could not remember which of his girlfriends! He gave her a list to work with and told her to ask Amanda to help her.

Bradford met with his private eye in a dark alley as usual. He told him that an anonymously caller had been calling and giving Daniel details about his investigations.

Amanda came by Betty’s desk and she asked for her help in tracking Daniel’s watch but she declined and started digging into Betty’s sweets and eating greedily as usual. Betty handed over the list to Amanda to call them each lady to ask for the missing watch. Henry from the account department came by and paid Betty compliments on her choice of costume. The exchanged pleasantries (as if Amanda wasn’t there) and he invited her to come down to his department later.

Amanda found a small gift box inside the bucket of sweet and when Betty opened it was a note with a key inside. The message was “Betty, will you move in with me? With love, Walter”.

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