Monday, September 22, 2008

Snippet 23 - Ugly Betty in Watch Hunt Adventure

Betty sought Christina’s advice on Walter’s proposition. Christina’s opinion was that she should not condemn herself to just that one relationship until she has given herself the chance to experience other relationship first. Betty did not totally agree with her and left on Daniel’s watch hunt. The first lady was angry and rude at her because Daniel failed to call her back nor answered her calls. She however, flunged his boxers which he forgot at Betty and it hunged on her butterfly antennas.

Daniel went to visit his mum at the rehab centre.
Betty called Daniel to update him with how unsuccessful her search had been and he instructed her to send a dozen roses to all the ladies. (Walter called in the middle of their conversation but Betty told him she'll call him).

Marc and Wilhelmina were looking through pictures of older men to find a suitable partner who will escort Wilhelmina to Halloween party. She wasn’t interested in any of them, according to her they were old. Christina came in with the red dinner dress she ordered for, for fitting.

Claire gave Daniel a tour of the rehab. She was bitter about being deprived of her perfume and how she now smelled like ‘people’. She asked why he had come and he said to talk. She said she had been there all the time. He gave her the excuse that he had been busy that was why he couldn’t come to visit, she cut him off that it was almost weeks now. Daniel couldn’t contain his curiosity anymore. He told her he wanted to talk to her about Fey Sommers and immediately Claire’s pain at even hearing that name was evident. She requested he take her out.

Betty was still on her mission and the lady she met this time around thought she was sleeping with Daniel and wanted to sabotage their relationship. She was obviously smitten by him and told Betty she wasn’t going to let Daniel go without a fight. She ripped one of Betty’s wings right in the middle.

Marc was still on his man-searching mission but the photograph that was sent was also of an old man. Betty asked Amanda about the addresses she asked her to get; she said she was working on it. Betty asked for stapler to patch her wings and Henry came in just then helped nervous Betty staple her torn wing together even though she declined at first. Walter called just then but she didn’t want to take the call in Henry's presence. He asked her out for lunch and she was confused at first; said no and then yes!

Amanda asked Betty who Daniel said his Monday date was and Betty told her he didn’t remember. She was upset by this and crumbled the paper on which she was writing the addresses she had been gathering for Betty, opened her drawer where she kept Daniel watch and threw the crumbled paper into it.

Wilhelmina had instructed Christina to order a size 2 evening gown for her with did not fit. The seam mistress hinted that she was too big for that size (ignoring Marc’s silent warning not to say a thing) and Wilhelmina screamed at the top of her lungs.

Daniel and mum were at the restaurant she requested he take her to. The Manager brought her wine in a wine glass as a complimentary gift, commenting that it had been a while since she visited. Daniel quickly took the drink from her front. She kept looking at it. She then asked him to give it to her and set fire to her when she was done drinking it. Daniel asked her about the last Christmas that his father bought her a music box, he wanted to know why she was happy one moment and the next she was raving made and set fire to a thousand copies of Mode.

Betty and Henry at lunch date. Betty was nervous because this was her first date with another guy besides Walter, also she had never been to a Chinese eatery. She discovered they had more than one thing in common (their spectacles), he also dressed up in Super man costume under his shirt.

Hilda got home from shopping for groceries and asked her father (who was still playing Halloween in a bid to evade owning up) why the HMO said he was dead and why they said the social security number he had been using was not his. Instead of owning up he got defensive and she decided to drop the subject.

Amanda, pretending to be a medical provider for Daniel and under his instruction, started making calls to all the ladies he had slept with to warn them that he had Scabies and that they should check with their doctors. Her intention was to sabotage his chances with them and raise her own stakes!

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