Friday, September 26, 2008

Snippet 28 - Daniel Plays the Hunter in Ugly Betty

The next day, Betty and Hilda packed and got ready to sell Herbalux at Mode. Hilda quickly gave her a crash course on marketing, pinning the badge with ‘lose 10 pounds in 10 day’ boldly inscribed on it, onto her outer coat wishing her “happy Herbaluxing”.
Betty got to work and Models kept walking past her without even looking at her. She saw Marc at Amanda desk. She took a deep breath, smiled and went to him. Marc took off immediately she called his name. She briefly told him about Herbalux but he wasn’t interest. By this time, she had followed him to his desk.
Wilhelmina, stood by the door of her office and reminded Marc that he had phone calls to make. Marc then suggested to Ugly Betty that she introduce herself to the ‘diet diva’ (Wilhelmina) who was still standing by the door of her office and when Ugly Betty smiled at her, she turned and waited inside her office for Marc to come in while she shut the door saying, “I don’t like it when she smiles, it so metallic”. She asked Marc what Ugly Betty wanted and he told her it seemed she wanted to lose weight which Wilhelmina said was interesting. Marc gave his boss some messages and then added that Daniel was having a meeting in Bradford’s office with the other Editor-in-Chiefs. Wihelmina said he was surely holding his own now.

Daniel walked into Bradford’s office with a dozen people in corporate outfits already having tea or coffee and discussing. He looked around and eyes rested on the elevator lady, she was standing by the tea table and handed an elderly man a tea cup on saucer. This dazzling telenovela actress looked smashing in an oxblood, sleeveless, below the knee length dress. He walked straight to her stood at the other end of the table. He stylishly let her know he was an editor too at Meade publications. She at first, she pretended not to know him and told him she was new at Meade Publications. The next minute, she told Daniel a bit about himself and he got confused.
Bradford summoned them and they all took their seats except the elevator lady, she was still by the tea table. Daniel took his seat still in a thoughtful mood. Bradford introduced her as a best selling author, who would be the Editor-in-Chief of a new magazine they were planning to launch the following year. She moved towards them and handed Daniel a cup of tea which he took with deflated ego.

Hilda was busy selling her products outside a shop but the owner didn't want her there. He came out and was about throwing her things away, when a woman in track-suit came to her rescue. She confronted the man and quoted one article of the constitution after the other, that made him guilty of what he was doing. He quickly changed his mind and left Hilda alone.

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