Saturday, September 27, 2008

Snippet 29 - Ugly Betty Sells Herbalux!

Hilda thanked her but she brushed it aside. They introduced each other and Lear handed Hilda her card telling her to call her if she needed an attorney. Betty’s call came in. She had been investigating that picture of her mum instead of selling Herbalux - she had scanned it and blown it up on her computer. She informed Hilda that their mum had a wedding ring on in the picture. Hilda asked her how she was doing with her sales and had so far made only $10. A disappointed Hilda told Betty that she was coming over to Mode to show her how to do it. Betty protested but Hilda had already cut off the connection.

Wilhelmina in a phone conversation with the mystery woman told her that things were fine between her and Nico. The mystery woman told her she had something planned for Bradford on his ‘special’ day (It was Fey’s birthday and Bradford always celebrated with her). Wilhelmina asked if there was anything she could do to help. She declined and said it was a birthday date for two only. She then told her that she was more concerned about what Wilhelmina was planning for Daniel because he seemed to be getting his footing. She added that it will be impossible for them to take over the company is Daniel got full control. Wilhelmina agreed that she had tried every thing short of taking a bat to his knees. She however, told the mystery woman that the one possible way to get him was to explore the one person who had been propping him up all the time – Ugly Betty.

Marc rushed into Wilhelmina’s office with news that Nico had gotten into shop-lifting and burgling.

Daniel complained to Betty about the way Sofia Reyes treated him and reminded Betty that he told her to get him details about her. Betty apologized that some things came up. She told Daniel that Times Magazine did a profile on Sofia Reyes as a best selling author and that BBC carried the rumour about the new magazine launch the week before (I bet Daniel didn’t know because he spent his time doing other things). He complaining and said he did not pay attention to ABC and BBC news (Whose fault was that?); that she thought he was unqualified for the job and only got it because of his father. Betty wanted to say something but he told her “Don’t say anything”.

He told Betty that she was smarter and always steps ahead at every point, nothing like he ever met. Betty told him to just apologize to her but he said he had to be skillful and more profound (insecurity cropping in?). He as usual sought the cowardly way out. He told Betty to call a Fashion Jeweler and have the ‘usual’ sent to her, Betty just nodded knowingly with a ‘I thought you knew better’ look and left without saying a word.

The shop Manager came in (after obviously settlilng the issue with Marc) decided to forget the whole thing, saying that Nico’s mum was one of their dearest friends.

Nico saw Marc coming in and said, “O! She sent her b.......! (what's that name for a female dog?)

Hilda was at Mode, at Betty’s desk ready to do business but Betty was more interested in their mum’s picture in which she was wearing a wedding ring. Hilda convinced her that, that was in the past and that the most important thing currently was raising money to help their father. They set up their stuff in the cafeteria and pinned the ‘secret weapon’ badge on. Soon they were crowded with models falling over each other to buy their products. They made a lot of money and had a ball doing it until Wilhelmina walked in and asked, “What the hell is going on”. Betty quickly walked towards her to explain but Wilhelmina cut her off with “Do you realize how many rules you’ve broken?” Hilda, always the fighter, replied “Oh yeah!” and quoted the article of the constitution for ‘freedom of assembly’, (as she heard for the lady lawyer earlier) but Wilhelmina told her it was a private property and the she should pack her stuff and get out. She then ordered Ugly Betty, “And you, in my office, “Now”.

Sofia Reyes was in the Mode's gym working out and talking with a lady when Daniel came in. She acknowledged his entry with “Daniel, my new friend”. He brought out the jewelry box which he had earlier had Betty sent to Sofia as a peace offering. She said the necklace was “absolutely lovely” but insisted that she could not take; that it’s the kind of gift he gave to the girl he just slept with of the one he is planning to sleep with. Daniel responded that she clearly had the wrong impression about him. Sofia then called the lady she had been talking to (who had been quiet all the while) by her name, Laura, and the lady showed Daniel the necklace on her neck. (I’m sure he probably had forgotten he even slept with Laura) Daniel’s reply was “I thought I recognized you” and smiled sheepishly.

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