Friday, October 03, 2008

Snippet 30 - Ugly Betty Tempted

I seize this opportunity to say 48 cheers to my beloved country Nigeria on her Independence Day Anniversary Celebration.

Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray! God bless Nigeria.

I sincerely apologise to our fans out there, my internet connection had problem hence the break in Ugly Betty updates. But, it has been resolved now. So, have a delightful time reading.

Wilhelmina and Betty were in her office talking. She told Betty that Daniel does not need to know what happened, that secret should stay between friends. She told Betty that she considers every one at Mode as family and that family sticks together through the good and bad times. She even told Betty that Rodrigo, their stylist, went through design school on the largesse of an anonymous donor. She told Betty that strong people are the ones who ask for help. (Is Willy now a psychologist or what?) She really got Betty there because she nodded her head in agreement and opened up to her about the legal problem her father was going through a legal problem for which they need $20,000 (while Wilhelmina looked on sympathetically) to pay for the attorney’s fees. Wilhelmina, smiling gladly brought out her check book (on which she had written Betty Suarez) and wrote $20,000 and signed it, saying that she had a daughter whom she would do anything for just like Betty was willing to do anything for her father. She handed the cheque to her but Betty asked her what she wanted in return. Wilhelmina cleverly replied that it wasn’t something anyone asks family. Betty looked at the cheque as if it was a hang man’s noose.
It was Fey’s birthday, so Bradford, flowers in hand, went to the morgue where Fey’s body was laid in a casket. He was confessing how much he missed her when a lady dressed like Fey passed by, behind him. He turned, called her name and rushed outside but no one was about.
Betty told Christina about the cheque Wilhelmina gave her in a bar they went to after work. She advised Betty against selling herself to Wilhelmina by cashing the cheque and told her to loosen up for once in her life. With that, Christina downed a glass of drink in one sip and Betty too ordered for the same thing.

ico got home and went for the Captain Crisp cereal which Wilhelmina has earlier thrown in the waste bin. She told her mum that fur was murder and recalled sarcastically, how her mum missed her 11th birthday because she had a photo shoot which she never showed up for.

(To me, Nico craves to spend time with her mother which had been denied her while growing up. She resents her for this and seeks to make her feelings known by being rude and engaging in scandalous behaviours to get her mother’s attention) – Parents Take Note!

Wilhelmina, in a sober tone told Nico that she was just as rebellious when she was her age. She told her that she went through seven schools before she finally understood that “being away from home, being away from the ones you love makes you strong, build you up, ‘cause in the end the only person in this world that you could depend on is herself – the greatest lesson senator (her father) ever taught me”. This revelation sobered Nico a bit (she realized her mum went through he same thing she is going through) and she wanted to tell her mother something from her heart, I believe, but Wilhelmina, back to her diva self, told her to brush up on her French that she was leaving for the boarding school in Paris the following night. Nico was surprised and couldn’t say a word.

Daniel and Amanda were in bed. He was unusually quiet. He asked Amanda how she felt when he sent her the necklace after their first night together and she said it was sweet. He was obviously disturbed. So, he got up and move to the bathroom, revealing the reason behind it as being Sofia Reyes whom he sent a necklace to as an apology and she refused to accept it. Amanda then realized it was all about Sofia and not her. She said she wasn’t feeling too well and had to go. She then left with tears in her eyes.

Ignacio was at home watching a telenovela as usual and waiting up for Betty when she stumbled in through the back door (drunk maybe). Her father asked why she was sneaking in, that they need to talk but she replied that she was going to bed. Her father pulled her hand to restrain her but she yelled at him to let her go. He asked what was wrong with that she should talk to him.

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