Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Snippet 42 - Daniel Competes In The Love Game

He man introduced himself as Gordon Levee (hope my spelling is correct), an editor of a magazine and Daniel’s confidence faded away.
Sofia then said “Hunter’s over there”, pointing to where Hunter was – talking and laughing with guests. Daniel turned to look at Hunter…… he saw a tall, blond, gorgeous guy! Ted gushed, “Men how are guys like us supposed to score with someone like him around”. I bet that added salt to Daniel’s injury because his face was a picture of total defeat.

Wilhelmina tried cooking in her kitchen but had a challenge with the Turkey. She gushed “desperate times calls for desperate measures”. So, she called a lady chef to help her out, explaining to her that, “the bird still had its luggage inside”. The lady did not believe that Slater was actually cooking but gave her instructions which Slater didn’t find funny at all.

Hunter got the whole guests entranced by his story which made every one laugh – Daniel forced himself to laugh too. Daniel asked where they met and they both looked at each other like two love birds and they narrated their meeting on a plane from Kenya. She had gone for a photo-shoot while he was returning home from working for the Peace Corps. They reminisced on sharing each other’s notes and kissed. Daniel wanted to know more. So, Hunter told him that apart from modeling and racing with sport cars, he wanted more from life, so, he set up an irrigation program in Africa to help kids have access to fresh water. He got teary and Sofia held him to comfort him, everyone was taken by his story. But, Daniel was not going to be left out; he also wanted to look like a hero. So, he cooked up a story about helping some kids on 76th Street to open a fire Hydrant and that when they saw water, woah….. (Oh no!). That was as far as he got. Every one looked at him; they knew that he was lying. He succeeded in making a complete fool of himself.

Bradford went to the buffet table to get himself more wine. As he was about pouring serving himself, a woman dressed like Fey passed by the door through of the room (through which he came in), making sure he saw her before moving away. He called, “Fey?” but got no response. He quickly went to his wife to tell her that he say Fey. Claire pleaded with him not to do this to her but he insisted that he saw her. Claire got him a drink and when Daniel enquired about what was going on, she told him that Bradford had had too much to drink as she led him away carrying a glass of drink which Daniel tried to retrieve from her but she cleverly move away from his reach.

Nico got home and met Wilhelmina in the kitchen wearing an apron. She asked if her mum was lost because she never cooked. Nico wished her happy thanksgiving, blew her a kiss and said she was on her way to a concert. She lied to her mother that that was why she was in the city because she assumed that her mum already had plans. Wilhelmina said she had a thanksgiving to attend but looked disappointed and Nico asked her if she was okay. She said she was fine, that she made Nico some snack in case she got hungry. She then said she needed to go and change. After she left the kitchen, Nico move towards the set table and saw that it was a thanksgiving dinner, set for two!

Marc and his accomplice, Amanda were still in the office. They had changed into different outfits and were drunk. Marc told Amanda that he thinks Wilhelmina is a lesbian because she was always calling a woman on the phone. They both got curious as to who the woman was.

Hunter helped Gordon to put his neck back in place, it shifted, and his exclaimed “you are amazing!” All these were having adverse effect on Daniel. Sofia asked her boyfriend to take her to “that place I love but you never take me to” but he replied that he doesn’t know how to dance. Daniel quickly quipped, “I can dance, I’m good at dancing, I love dancing; I think the three of us should go dancing”. Sofia agreed that it was a great idea. Daniel smiled with accomplishment as if saying “you’re not getting rid of me so easily”.

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