Friday, October 17, 2008

Snippet 43 - Ugly Betty & Family Duped

At the Suarez’s’, Lear was leaving, so Hilda and Ignacio saw her to the door, they both told her how much they needed her help. Betty was sitting on the couch with Walter fidgeting. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, she rushed to the door and confronted Lear. Lear told Betty that the woman was alcoholic and she wasn’t interested in helping alcoholic person gain custody of children who she had often times abandoned at home while clubbing. And, that the money she accused her of stealing was only sufficient for filing the case that was before she opted out. Betty apologized and left, embarrassed. Lear pretended to return the money but Hilda and Ignacio insisted that she wanted her to handle the case, that the needed her. They even invited her to join them for Thanksgiving dinner that night and she promised to be there.

Bradford called his private eye and told him to meet him at the cemetery that night that he had to find out if Fey was really alive.

That evening Hilda and her family including their guests, Christina and Santos, were all at the well-laid Thanksgiving dinner table waiting for Lear. Betty got a call from Daniel requesting her to teach him how to dance Salsa on the phone! She tried her best and taught him the basic step. Daniel got to the men’s toilet and retreated when he saw Hunter already there but he called Daniel back. This Hunter guy is really getting under Daniel’s skin. He even peeped at Hunter in the bathroom!

The Suarez’s and their guests, all hungry, were still waiting for Lear to show up. Hilda was getting very nervous.

At the Mexican club, Daniel asked Sofia for a dance, displaying the steps he JUST learned from Betty. Hunter (like his name implies) moved in from behind Sofia and swept her off her feet in a swirl of fascinating dance moves – Salsa. Daniel looked on with wide eyes and mouth – he just realized he was no match for Hunter in every aspect. The dance ended and Sofia told Daniel he was next as she moved on to the ladies I presume. Hunter laughed with satisfaction, having enjoyed the dance. Daniel asked, “What the hell was that? I thought you are a lousy dancer?” Hunter told Daniel he was a Ballroom Dance Champion in 1988 and that really got to Daniel.

Bradford got to the cemetery where Fey’s coffin was, with his private eye, he accused him of not doing a good job of investigation whether she was really alive or not. Bradford opened the coffin and it was empty. The man asked where the body was and Bradford accused him of working for Fey the whole time which he denied. Another man (whom Bradford called earlier) showed up, who Bradford has hired to clean up his mess – the private eye. Bradford left the men there and walked out.

At Betty’s house, she was in the kitchen stirring the gravy on the stove when Hilda walked in to tell her that she had called all Leah’s number and they were disconnected. She admitted that Betty warned her.

Daniel got into his car and told the driver “get me the hell out of here”. Sofia opened the door and told him that they needed to talk. Daniel told her to forget it and he wanted to shut the door on her but she restrained him and pushed him in so that she could sit beside him in the car. Before she could say anything, Daniel started kissing her and asked her to tell him that didn’t mean anything. She said she couldn’t. He then asked her way she was with Hunter and she told him that she loved Hunter.

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