Monday, October 20, 2008

Snippet 45 - Daniel in Ugly Betty's Bed!

Daniel woke up the next day in Ugly Betty’s bed! He at first thought something had happened between him & Betty when she joked that she spent the night in his arms! But, she allayed his fear when she said it was a joke. He grumbled to her about Sofia and her boyfriend, how he wasn’t the guy for her and so on. He was down because he had lost her. Betty gave him a pep talk and told him that everything could change in a short time. He tried to get up but realized that he had a serious hang-over.

Wilhelmina was in her office with Marc grilling him about who barged into her office during the holiday. He denied being in the office at the time and asked what really happened. Wilhelmina told him that they ate their way through 6 gift baskets, rumbled through her drawers and made phone calls from her desk.

Marc with pretentious righteousness said, “What’s wrong with people? Couldn’t they be satisfied with watching the Parade”. But, the smart Wilhelmina could read through his pretence. She showed him the Cashew nut she found and he had a flash-back of what happened. She asked him that which of the staff eats something with a high fat content as Cashew, handling the nut to him. Marc, dumfounded kept mumbling without any forthcoming answer. (He knew that Wilhelmina knew it was Amanda and that he was her best pal and the she couldn’t be in her office if Marc wasn’t there).

The phone rang and he wanted to attend to it as an escape but Willy answered it, it was Bradford. He just stood there looking at the Cashew nut.

At the Suarez house, Betty told her father to allow Daniel stay in bed longer to get over the hang over.

She got to the office and met Sofia dropping a note on Daniel’s desk. Sofia told her she was getting married that weekend. Betty congratulated her but didn’t seem so enthusiastic about it. Sofia confided in Betty that she was in love with Daniel and that got Betty’s attention. Betty couldn’t hide her anxiety and she asked if Sofia had told Daniel how she felt.

What is Sofia playing at? I hope she is not the same case at that of another fascinating telenovela – Rubi.

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