Friday, October 17, 2008

Snippet 44 - Thanksgiving, In Various Shades on 'Ugly Betty'

She told Daniel that she found a ring in Hunter’s dresser that morning. Daniel asked if that was what she wanted and she said she was an old-fashion girl who wanted marriage, white elaborate wedding and lots of babies. That Hunter was offering her that but she doesn’t think Daniel was ready to commit yet. He responded that she didn’t know him well enough. She challenged him to stop her from going back to the club if he was ready but he just smiled as she took her leave.

By the time Wilhelmina changed and came back to the kitchen, she met Nico lighting the candles. Wilhelmina asked, “What’s all this?” Nico told her that it she wasn’t going out for a while, so, she thought she could have a snack. (Simply Charming, right?) She asked her mum to join her but Willy said she already had plans in a not-too-convincing tone. She didn’t need much persuasion before she pitched in. Nico, with a charming smile told her mum that she didn’t believe she cooked for her. She said it was nothing. Nico thank her mum and they both settled down to enjoy their meal while catching up.

Betty was making their mum’s favourite dessert while Hilda blamed herself for not checking Leah out. Betty comforted her that it could happen to anybody, that she was trying to help. Hilda told Betty that it was time for her to have time for herself life and that they had to stop relying on her too much. Betty’s phone rang and it was Daniel’s number, again.

Marc and Amanda ransacked Wilhelmina’s desk and the found the number of the mystery caller. Amanda dialed it and when the mystery woman was put through, they dropped the receiver out of fear and rushed out of the office. Wilhelmina learnt what happened when the woman called her at her dinner table, she was shocked.

Betty got to the pub and enquired from the bar man. He handed Daniel’s phone to her; he actually dialed Betty’s number from Daniel’s phone when he saw that he had gotten beyond control. Betty had to support Daniel out of the pub, he was dead-drunk.

At the cemetery, Bradford’s private eye whom he wanted to be rid of was in Fey’s coffins alive, crying for help but there was no one around - it was Thanksgiving night!

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