Monday, November 24, 2008

Episode 47 - Ugly Betty In The Cover-Up

Daniel got a Christmas tree for Betty’s family which Betty had earlier told him (on their last phone conversation) he didn’t have to do. Justin reeled on to Daniel about the Mode issues he had while Ignaco cornered Hilda and asked her how long Santos was staying this time after their night together. She told him to back off and allow Santo the chance to be a father! (woah)

Bruno, the stylist that was to handle the photo shoot came to Betty’s office with Amanda. He asked for Daniel and Betty tried to cover up with excuses. The guy just kept interrupting her and looking down on her. When Betty asked what he had in mind for the shooting, he looked at her disrespectfully and started explaining his idea to Amanda.
He then told Betty to get him hot coffee! He could not place Betty into the role of an Assistant (by her looks). He is arrogant, rude and so full of himself, while Amanda stood beside him with puppy dog eyes, loving the treatment he was meting out to Betty.

In the mean time, Wilhelmina and Marc were in town being chauffeur driven and worrying sick at what was going to happen to the photo shoot. Marc briskly sent Amanda a text message notifying her that Wilhelmina already knew that someone called the hospital from her office. Amanda swallowed a croissant within the blink of an eye. Wilhelmina, pissed by the way Marc was giving apt attention to his cell phone, took it from him and read the message and then, threw it out the car window!(they were on an overhead bridge by this time)

Marc began to gasp (as he usually does when tense or afraid) but that didn’t faze Willy and she demanded to know why he called the hospital. She proceeded to lash the hell out of him but just then one of the car tyre went flat!


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