Monday, December 01, 2008

Episode 48 - Daniel, Tree-Decorating!

At Mode, Betty tried to get Daniel (who was holding a pack of ice to his throbbing head) to come down to the office while Sofia used every kind of trick to get information about Daniel from Betty to no avail.

While Bruno was show casing different types of baby outfits to choose from, Betty looked at the designs and disagreed with it. Bruno was simply livid. The arrogant stylist could handle an ugly girl questioning his taste.

At the Suarez home, Daniel was having the time of his life as he (looking better now) watched the family rummage through a treasure box and choose ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree. Mr. Suarez took a reindeer, which he told Daniel was made for him by his late wife. The next was a miniature size baby in a cot which Hilda told Daniel that she made when she was pregnant with Justin. Justin warned everyone with “Here come tears”. They joked and had fun while Justin handed the ‘baby in cot’ to Daniel, to so the hanging. He stood up but felt awkward and got emotional, he had never decorated a Christmas tree as a child.

At the Wardrope, Christina was going through costumes to pick for the baby photo shoot and Betty was her mannequin. She complained about Christina’s choice and called Daniel to see if she could get him down to the office. She asked if he was feeling better and he answered, “a little”, while stringing beads for decorating the tree and watching the family flocking around the tree. He enjoyed the whole tree-decorating and confessed to Betty that it was a new experience for him. The Christmas tree in his home always got done by professionals! (Can you beat that?)
Christina was still a mass of confusion while this conversation was going on.

Betty wanted his opinion on the photo-shoot but he seems to care more about the tree-decorating.

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