Saturday, December 06, 2008

Episode 52 - ugly Betty Helps Daniel Wins Sofia back

He asked Ignacio to tell him how to say “I love you and can't live without you” in Spanish. Ignacio told him and wished him luck, patting him on the cheek like a son.

Betty was still outside with Sofia, telling her that it seems Daniel had a winning idea after all. Sofia looked at Betty and shook her head, telling her that she was wasting her time at Mode because she was always giving the credits to Daniel. That she was never going to be appreciated there and asked her work for her magazine, with her own assistant! Betty was confused and lost for words.

Inside the house, she told Daniel to go talk to Sofia, that she was still outside. Out there, in the snow-covered background and with snow flakes still falling sparingly, he told her that he wanted another chance. He blotted out his Spanish love declaration. Sofia laughed and told him he just said he love his camera (He had mixed it up instead of what he intended to say). He smiled and gave her an ornament he made and asked her to pick come pick a tree with him if it was okay be her. They then kissed.

Wilhelmina and Marc were safety back at the office. While she was pacing to and fro, livid that the photo shoot had been moved to Queens, Marc was on the phone with Amanda, telling her that she was off the “Thanksgiving break-in” hook but that it will cost her plenty. Amanda was ravaging a Christmas cake (in form of a house) at Betty’s house, while this conversation was going on.

Inside the Suarez house, Daniel told Betty that he had talked Sofia into staying and encourage her to take the job she offered. Betty told him that she couldn’t leave him but he said she deserved more and that he didn’t want to stay in her way. Betty was moved by this and she hugged him.

Marc picked up a call, it was the mystery woman. Marc marched to Willy’s office to announce that she has a call from an old friend from college, "which you never went to”! She asked Marc for privacy but he said there is no more secrets between them and Willy told the mystery woman that she’ll call her back.

She then asked what Marc wanted now that he knew she didn’t go to college. He keyed into this opportunity and replied that in return for keeping her secret, he wanted job security and a company credit card.

Daniel had left and the family were discussing excitedly about all that had happened and Betty told them about the other job offer. The door bell rang just then, and Ignacio standing up to answer it, told Betty not to spill the whole story until he got back. The opened the door to two immigration officers, who have come to inform him that he was under arrest! (ooh, no!)


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Anonymous said...

pls try n update on time, Dec 6 was last yr. u r keeping us waiting.

Sonia said...

Episode 52 is really a better one dear. Have you watch its all episodes, if no then you should watch this once. Even I Watch Ugly Betty Episodes online for free. Its really awesome!!!

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