Saturday, December 06, 2008

Episode 50 - Wilhelmina & Marc, Lost

Meanwhile, the Taxi driver has gotten lost in the streets and when Willy began insulting him, he pulled over and threw them out of his Cab. She and Marc got out in a hurry because the driver did as if he was going to bring out a gun or something, and in the process Will forgot her bag in the back of the cab. The Cab zoomed off and they were back where they started, even worse - stranded.

Betty was trying to get to Willy on the phone and she wasn’t picking it because she had forgot her bag int he Cab! Sofia tried to help Betty but Betty, in a spirit of loyalty declines and when Sofia didn’t let her be. Betty couldn’t take it anymore and busted her bubble by telling Sofia that because she had broken Daniel's heart, he had got himself drunk, and was now sick and her house. Amanda hurried in just then, interrupting this confrontational scenario, to announce that Baby Chutney had arrived and Betty said she’ll be with them in ten minutes.

At the Suarez house, Justin was seated on the rug with Daniel making miniature Christmas decorations and chit-chatting. But Santos was uncomfortable where he sat, he tried to get Justin to come out and play football, that he wanted him to be a “normal kid”, to get fresh air. But Justin wasn’t game and Daniel said Justin is a great kid and that he should be allowed to do what he enjoyed doing. But when Santos insisted, Hilda stepped in and they started arguing. She told Santos that Justin is comfortable with who he is and so is she, that he had no right castigating anyone now, not after raising him without him for three years. Santos was angry and upset, he said 'adios' (meaning goodbye in Spanish) and walked out. Ignacio watched the whole scenario, worried as he looked at the pain on his daughter face (He has feared this was going to happen).

Daniel felt guilty for speaking up for Justin. He stayed with Justin, feeling sorry for him but Justin didn’t utter a word after what transpired between his parents, (poor Justin) he just keep on making ornaments for the Christmas tree. (He masked his pain well, this boy has a grown mind already).

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